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Year 6

Information about the residential trip in March 2020
Click below to view the presentation given to parents about the trip:
Planning Committee Meeting

A special meeting of the Florida Developments Planning Committee took place in our Year 6 classroom this week. A company had applied for planning permission to construct a new hotel in the area near the Everglades National Park. An initial vote was taken.

The class took on roles of various groups who would contribute to the decision, for example, other hoteliers, shop keepers, National Park Wardens, turtle rescue sanctuary, air boat operators, tourist board members and even an oil fracking company. They researched the issues and then made clear their views to the committee in a vote.

Members of the class had become more hardened in their view that the planning application should be refused.

Deadly Eruptions
Over the summer break, the class carried out some research into volcanoes in general and Mt St Helens in particular. This work would serve as an introduction to our USA topic during the autumn term. Some children completed research tasks in their books whilst others made working models!