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Year 6

Year 6 Trip to PGL 16-20th March - please see the letter below for further information.

Changing Wars - WW1

Children found out about how the development of weapons and style of warfare led to the terrible loss of life during the Battle of the Somme using a simulation.

Making Lord Woolton's Pie

Children practised their peeling and cutting skills when preparing all the vegetables for the pie. Lord Woolton was Minister for Food during WW2; his department thought up many recipes to use ingredients which were available to make tasty food during times of rationing. Britain was also under siege and ships bringing in food were being torpedoed and sunk, making food even more scarce.

St Luke's Evacuees visit Beaumanor Hall

The class had a full on day being treated as evacuee children. Parents did a brilliant job with costumes. The children experienced a classroom, planning a menu with rationed ingredients, having a WW2 packed lunch and being encoders and decoders. Beaumanor Hall was a spy listening post during WW2. They sent information to Bletchley Park.

World War 2 Homework
In preparation for our new topic and the coming visit to Beaumanor Hall, children did some research into evacuee children.

Inheritance and Evolution

Christmas Jumper Day
Warning Zone
The class got the chance to visit Warning Zone. They found out about the risks associated with various settings like building sites and railway lines. In addition, they discussed strategies to handle pressure from peers. In the afternoon, they experienced a fun fair where all the stalls were focused on different skills for Internet safety.
Mayan Research
Children were asked to do some research - either into the Ancient Mayans or into the country of Mexico. These are some of the posters.
Hockey Course
Pupils enjoyed a course in Hockey Skills during several weeks of Games lessons.

Investigating light

A number of experiments to find out about light and how we see things.

Year 6 Cake Sale to raise money for Reading Books

The children planned, baked and sold cakes over 2 days raising a total of £167 for some new books for the class library. The Headteacher set a challenge that if they reached a target, he would match it with donation - they smashed it!!

Mayan Maths

We tried counting like the Mayans using pretend sticks and stones. We also did addition and subtracting calculations and then completed 3 levels of an online challenge.

Year 6 House Captains' Assembly

The House Captains planned assemblies for each of their houses. The told the children about the important person their house was named after. They also encouraged the children to work for as many house points as possible!

Hockey Skills

The class had the opportunity to work with a coach on their basic skills over a period of 6 weeks. They made a lot of progress and had a lot of fun!

Warning Zone Trip

The class had a brilliant trip to Warning Zone. They learned all about how to assess risk in potentially dangerous places and to make safe decisions.

Information about the residential trip in March 2020
Click below to view the presentation given to parents about the trip:
Planning Committee Meeting

A special meeting of the Florida Developments Planning Committee took place in our Year 6 classroom this week. A company had applied for planning permission to construct a new hotel in the area near the Everglades National Park. An initial vote was taken.

The class took on roles of various groups who would contribute to the decision, for example, other hoteliers, shop keepers, National Park Wardens, turtle rescue sanctuary, air boat operators, tourist board members and even an oil fracking company. They researched the issues and then made clear their views to the committee in a vote.

Members of the class had become more hardened in their view that the planning application should be refused.

Deadly Eruptions
Over the summer break, the class carried out some research into volcanoes in general and Mt St Helens in particular. This work would serve as an introduction to our USA topic during the autumn term. Some children completed research tasks in their books whilst others made working models!