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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page

On our page you will find a variety of things that we have done over the year across all areas of learning. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing! We hope you enjoy looking at Year 2!

Important Dates!


Tuesday - times table test every 2 weeks

Children can practise in a variety of ways such as chanting, singing songs, drawing groups of or lots of an amount and counting in the tables to find the amount, or writing the tables out. They will have their test in a muddled order.


Wednesday- spelling test

Children can practise their spellings in lots of ways such as look, cover, write, check, repeating the words, using a rhyme for each letter of the word, finding common words in the word that they already know and can see, segmenting the word or breaking it down into syllables.


 PE Days - Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure children have an indoor PE kit that is labelled and jewellery is removed. 


Friday - spellings and times tables will be handed out although this can sometimes be on a Thursday.



It is very important that your child reads at least three times a week at home with an adult and the reading diary is signed. We check diaries regularly and children are allowed to move their face on our chart. If children read three or more times in a week they receive 1 house point on Friday.


You can help your child to read by...

- Guiding them to break down longer words so that they can be decoded 

- Asking them what has happened so far before continuing to read

- Encouraging your child to predict what may happen part way through and how they might know this

- Asking your child questions about characters' feelings, emotions and thoughts

Useful Websites


History - Florence Nightingale

This week we have started learning about Florence Nightingale. We've written time lines about her life after listening to and finding out information about her life. Towards the end of the week we learnt about the conditions of the hospital and what she did to change them. 

Maths - Arrays

After looking at equals groups we have moved onto arrays. We have enjoyed making them with cubes or counters, drawing them and writing facts by looking at pictures of arrays.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Collective Worship - New Beginnings

Since returning from our holidays, we have thought about new beginnings and what we might do to change the rest of this year either at home or school. We looked at the Roman God Janus who was the God of doors and doorways. We designed our own doors and wrote one thing we would change for the new year 2020!

Picture 1

English - Conjunctions

We have finished learning about conjunctions now. Here is our working wall showing examples of conjunctions using rainbow grammar to help us.

Picture 1

Maths - Equal Groups

We have moved onto multiplication and division this term, and we have started off by looking at equal groups, understanding what this is and what it looks like. We made equal groups practically and then spotted them in pictures. 

Geography - Continents, Oceans and the UK

What amazing homework we have after returning from our 2 week break! We have all learnt some very interesting facts about the continents which have helped us to locate and name them on a map. We have also located the oceans around the world as well as looking at the United Kingdom, the countries and capital cities and the surrounding water. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

RE - The Christmas Story

We have recapped the Christmas story and have focused on the good and bad news. We were put into groups and were given a character. We organised ourselves thinking about which characters came in which order in the story, and then thought about what each character would say. We then performed this to the class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Science - Changing Shape

We have investigated if different solids can change shape by bending, twisting, stretching or squashing. We had lots of different objects on our tables to explore, and recorded our results in a table.

Maths - Money

We have started learning about money and have learnt all the coins and notes we have in our country. We have practised choosing coins to make an amount, added pence, added pounds and added pence and pounds.

Geography - Street Detectives

We have now finished our topic and have enjoyed learning about our village and City Centre!

Picture 1

Geography - Maps

This week we have been looking at maps. We have learnt what aerial and satellite maps are, the symbols on maps and what a bird's eye view is too. We have had a go at drawing a bird's eye view of the classroom first before trying to draw a map of the school. We have really enjoyed this week!

English - Different types of sentences

We have now finished learning about different types of sentences.

Statement - tells the reader something

Question - starts with a question word and ends with a sentence

Command - starts with a bossy word and usually gives an instruction

Exclamation - usually starts with 'how or 'what' and shows a shock or surprise

Picture 1

Anti-bullying Week

We made a paper chain with the adults included, to show that we are all different and unique and this is something to celebrate. We talked about what bullying is, how to spot and stop it and who we can go to. Our paper chain shows that we can go to anyone in the class if we have a problem. We also shared our thoughts during our Wednesday morning assembly.

Science - Materials investigation

This morning we were designers and we had to design a bag, water bottle and chair seat for Miss Dosanjh by thinking about the materials for each object and their properties. We had different materials we could choose from as well as water, to test out how waterproof each one was.

History - Remembrance Day

Today we looked at the history behind Remembrance Day and what it is all about. We talked about the people and some of the countries involved, and why the red poppy is so important during this time. We then decorated our own poppies to make a wreath. Keep an eye out for the picture of our wreath!

Picture 1

Geography - City Centre Survey

This week we completed our City Centre Survey! We were very excited to travel by coach and complete our litter and traffic tally charts. We also had time to go into the Guildhall Museum and look at the artefacts found in Leicester from a very long time ago. After this trip, we wrote about our findings and completed another set of pictograms and block diagrams.

Geography - Thurnby Village Walk

This week we have been excited to go on our village walk to look for human and physical characteristics as well as carry out a litter and traffic survey. This week we have completed tally charts, written simple recounts to show our findings and create pictograms and block diagrams too.

Geography - Seasons

We have started our new topic by looking at the season we are in. We looked for clues which told us that it was Autumn and then compared Autumn to another season.

Picture 1


We have returned after half-term and what wonderful homework there is! The homework was based around materials and their properties. Lots of us did posters and pictures and there was also a creative game which we enjoyed playing as a class.

Art - Wassily Kandinsky

This half term we have focused our art work on the artist Wassily Kandinsky. We have learnt all about him and then practised colour techniques such as mixing primary colours, making colours lighter and darker and even thinking about warm and cold colours. We then painted our backgrounds and then decided on our techniques for our circles which were a mixture of thick and thin circles. This is what our paintings looked like overall! What do you think?

Picture 1

History - The Titanic

After finishing our Titanic books this week, we have moved onto finding out about what life was like on board the ship. We entered our classroom with our very own tickets and had information which we used to find out facts about the class we were in (1st, 2nd or 3rd class). We recorded our facts ready for writing next week.

Collective Worship

This week we have thought about thankfulness. We had a think about what we are thankful for and the things in our lives which we have and are grateful for.

Picture 1

History - The Titanic

The last 2 weeks we have been really busy in Year 2 as we have learnt all about the Titanic! We have had books in class to complete, to show how the Titanic sank. We have used our knowledge organisers really well to help us write each page. Some of us have been so inspired by this new learning that we have re-created the Titanic using lego. Can you spot the Titanic, life boats and the iceberg?

Science - How things move

This week we have been thinking about how things move and now we are comparing how things move using the words fast and slow. As part of D&T, we made our boats firstly deciding how to make our boats waterproof and then deciding how to make it the fastest. We used a range of materials and can't wait to test them next week!

RE - The Creation Story

This half term we are learning about the creation of the world. We listened to the story and decided on a day we would like to show in our own way using a range of media. 

English-The Pirate Cruncher

This week we have started our class book ' The Pirate Cruncher'. We have described what we can see on the front cover, practised writing questions about what we want to find out about the book and wrote our own suggestions for characters' speech. Towards the end of the week we read a bit more of the story and had some objects on the table to feel and touch using our senses. We also listened to sounds linked to the book to help us think of ideas for describing the setting. 

Maths - Representing a 2-digit number with equipment

We have learnt how to use different equipment to represent a 2-digit number. We practised counting in tens and ones and we used equipment like bead strings, numicon, tens and ones, counters and straws.

Picture 1
Picture 2

English - Parts of a pirate ship

We have learnt about different parts of a pirate ship and what they are useful for. We concentrated on port holes and discussed what we would see out of one. We wrote very descriptive sentences too.

Pirate Homework

What a wonderful start to the new academic year! Our first topic is all about pirates and we have amazing homework from the Year 2 children! It is already up in our classroom for everyone to see!