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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


Curriculum Intent


At St Luke’s C of E Primary School, we provide a knowledge-led, transferable, vocabulary-rich and inclusive curriculum that is relevant to our school context. Children are taught according to the national curriculum. They will explore the local area of Thurnby and Bushby and the wider area of Leicester city.


The fundamental aim of the curriculum is to develop children’s subject knowledge and associated skills, to allow them to apply them in a variety of situations. Units of study will focus on the subject content of each subject area, having a clear aim of the children’s learning, what knowledge and skills they will acquire and how they will apply them. 


If you would like more information about the curriculum we follow, either in general or for a specific subject, please contact the school office. 


Curriculum Implementation


In the page St Luke's Curriculum below, you will see the curriculum plan for all of the subjects we teach, all linking to the National Curriculum.


Each unit of study for History, Geography and Science will be accompanied by a knowledge organiser, which is also sent home, detailing the core information children will need to have knowledge of. They will be used within lessons as a tool for self-assessment and at home to share learning with parents and carers.


Reading is at the core of the St Luke’s curriculum. High quality, appropriate and relevant materials are used to help develop children’s subject knowledge. Reading materials of different genre and form are used, from information texts to diary entries. Whilst not being forced into the curriculum, these texts will provide context and meaning to children’s learning.


Curriculum Impact


The impact of our curriculum can be seen in the knowledge the children have gained, this may be seen by looking at their work, by talking to them about their learning and by the results and outcomes they achieve. As part of the children's learning journey through the school, teachers assess their knowledge and understanding, which in turn helps them prepare the children for the next steps in their learning. Our knowledge organisers for curriculum subjects will also support children’s knowledge and to help this be stored in their long term memory.