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Throwing the Pebbles

As part of learning about Muslim Hajj, children wrote down all the things in the world which they thought were wrong and that they wanted to get rid off. They then screwed up the paper and threw it at the bin. Muslims on Hajj throw pebbles at a structure as an act of rejecting Satan.


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Acting the story of The Two Brothers

A story which encourages Muslims in Zakat - charitable giving to others less fortunate.

Year 5 acted the story where each played one of the brothers and practised 'asides', speaking to the audience without the other brother hearing (which of course they could).


We learned how to set the map, then spent a quick 20 minutes finding controls around the grounds on our own copy of a map. Jacob and Jasleen came 1st, Niall and Oliver 2nd and Dylan and Layla 3rd with Thomas and Mariyah and Dylan and Olivia equal 4th place.

Well done Year 5 on your map reading skills!

Bingo and Battleships

We have been learning to recognise Ordnance Survey map symbols by playing Bingo! After that, to help us get better at using 4 figure grid references, we played Battleships!

Remembrance Day


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Drawing with Scissors!

Children had been studying the artist Matisse. They had an opportunity to cut out a picture in that artist's style but they were not able to first draw the shapes with a pencil. They had to draw with their scissors!

Rugby Tournament - Match Reports

At the start of our session, we were split into 8 teams. We all wore coloured bibs and belts with tags attached. There were 2 blue, 3 green, 1 red and 2 orange. There were 4 pitches.

One team started with the ball and the other had to stop them from scoring a try. To get the ball we had to take a tag away from the player holding the ball in the opposing team.

In one game, Jacob ended up in top of Thomas and tried to take off his tag. However, Thomas got away and scored a try!

Thomas and Anaya

Mr Alford set the teams for us and set out the pitches with helpers, then off we went!

Pitch 1 had a great game with Thomas, Jacob and Mariyah all scoring tries. On Pitch 2, it was even better as the score was 3-4 to the Blues. Brodie, Arjen and Garcia all scored. It was a close thing on Pitch 3 and on Pitch 4, Reds and Blues, Oliver and Vyom both scored.

Jacob and Brodie

Each team played about 4 matches and at the final whistle the scores were al about level. The rain had held off and everybody was very excited.

Science - Separating Mixtures

Year 5 video conferencing!

Normally, Lizzie from St Luke's Church would visit us in person. This afternoon, we met her online and she answered all our questions about the things that she believes. We made notes about her answers, which we can use later in a piece of writing.