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Year 3

A message from Miss Smith

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It has been a pleasure to share Year 3 with you all. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. I am sure I will see you all soon. 

Miss Smith

A message from Mrs Mitchell

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Hi Year 3, I'm really looking forward to teaching you next year, together with Mrs Greer. Have a lovely summer!
Mrs Mitchell

A message from Mrs Greer

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Hi Year 3!
I'm Mrs Greer and I will be teaching you with Mrs Mitchell. I hope you are all okay and staying safe. I've heard many good things about you all!

Have a lovely Summer.
Mrs Greer

Days and Dates

PE- Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure earrings are removed and your child has suitable kit for both indoor and outdoor.

Homework- will be given out on a Tuesday and expected to be returned the following Monday. Children will be given a homework book to complete their task unless otherwise stated.

Spellings- Every Wednesday. Please look in the back of your child’s spelling book for the results. Children will be tested on words based around the year 3/4 spelling list and rules.

Times table tests- Timetable tests will be every Tuesday. The children will work through all tables throughout the year. Their scores will be recorded on the inside page of their homework books. 

Reading diaries- please make sure you sign your child’s reading diary in order for them to change their reading books. We want to encourage children to read as much as possible, as it is so beneficial for their learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Library books- will be changed every Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure your child brings it back, in order to enjoy another book from our library.

Staffing- Miss Smith is the full-time teacher, with Mrs Odedra supporting throughout the week. Mrs Dyal will be supporting the class on Thursdays and Fridays.

Useful Links


We are in the process of creating our own Roman inspired mosaics

Sports Relief 2020

World Book Day 2020

For World Book Day we were asked to bring in our favourite book. We had an opportunity to share what it was we liked about this book to others in our class. Next, we wrote about why is book is special to us. 

What did the Romans bring to Britain?

Today we took part in an active PE lesson. Around the hall was 15 posters explaining something that the Romans introduced to Britain. These things included... laws, public baths, coins and even cats! The class needed to travel in interesting way to retrieve the fact, then delivering it back to their partner. At the end of the lesson we reflected on the information. Finally, we were able to present our learning in a creative way. Most of us opted to create a poster or fact file. 

Roman Roads

We now understand how the Romans created roads and the impact this had on our country. We understood that some of the roads they created still exist today. We used maps to locate them. 

Maths- Tenths

We have started the first half of our Fractions unit. We have mainly been focusing on the application of knowledge of tenths. Have a look at our working wall to see our journey so far!

Boudicca's Rebellion

We have studied Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans. Each table were assigned a person which the rebellion may have a direct impact on, ie. Boudicca, a roman slave and Paulinus. We read about what happened, and at different points we stopped and talking about how this may impact on our tables character. Finally we wrote write in role to show that we understand how the Roman empire might have affected different people.

Romans double page spread

To show all of the fantastic learning we have achieved so far, we created double page spreads all about life in Ancient Rome. 

Art Focus 2020

The theme for this years Art Focus was 'Views of the Village'. Our chosen area was St Luke's Church exterior. We chose to use dotting, or stippling, as our form. It took us a while to learn the technique, we tried using it on a variety of shapes. First we tried 2D shapes, then we tried 3D shapes. We discovered that when the dots are tightly packed together it created a darker design,we found this useful when creating shadows. We then sketched the church in pencil. Finally we used the dotting technique to shade the church. We are very proud of our final products, we demonstrated perseverance when learning. 

We were lucky enough to have a visitor come to our school to extend our knowledge of The Romans. She taught us what it was like to be an archaeologist, where we were able to complete our own 'dig' in the classroom, finding a range of artefacts which helped us to build a timeline. Next we split into two groups, the first group explored real Roman coins, following clues to figure out more information about their coin. The second group had some time to explore real life Roman artefacts, answering questions about each to further our knowledge. Finally, we used the artefacts to create our own timeline of history. We are very thankful for the opportunity to do this. 

Performing our Class Assembly

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Year 3 for a fantastic performance. They had just two weeks to learn their lines, yet were ready after just one! Even though some were very nervous, they performed confidently and clearly. Thank you to the parents and carers which supported the class with costumes and giving the class opportunities to learn their lines at home, and a huge thank you to the rest of the Year 3 staff to help to bring the whole thing together. I am incredible proud! 

Miss Smith

Raising money for LOROS by completing the Fitness in Schools Challenge. Thank you for your donations

Our Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age homework

Stone Age Boy

Our current class book is Stone Age Boy. We have used story mapping to learn the story- creating both one as a class and our own. We then used this to help us to rewrite the story. Some were nearly exactly the same as the book! 

The Stone Age 

We have just started our new topic 'UG!'. During this unit we will explore what life was like during the Stone, Bronze and the Iron Age. So far we have discovered lots about the Stone Age! 


First, we created our own Stone Age timelines. Next, we completed our own research using books to find out what their life was like. We used this information to plan reports. Our reports could be presented in any way of our choosing- they were very creative! We have also explored what their food was like as they were known as hunter and gatherers. We used this information to create our very own Stone Age menus. 

Learning about our brains in the Life Education caravan

Christmas Party!

Christmas Dinner

Elf Day

Advent Calendars


Here at St Luke's during Christmas time, each class is assigned a different theme to explore. In Year 3 our theme is ADVENT! Which means we get to start extra early. This week, in preparation of the 1st, we have been exploring what advent is about. We used our creative muscles to create our very own calendars ready to open on Saturday. Next, we will be preparing the classroom advent calendars and will decorate the classroom so watch this space!

Maths -Autumn 2

The depth of knowledge we covered during our addition and subtraction topic was incredible! We are now moving on to multiplication and division- particularly focusing on the 3, 4 and 8 times table. Below is a photograph of our working wall, please use this to help you. It shows a variety of methods we use here in Year 3. 

Remembrance Day 

For Remembrance Day we completed a variety of activities. First, we spoke about its meaning and importance and the symbol of the poppy, we wrote prayers as we reflected. Next we created our own Silhouette art. Following on from Year 4's Remembrance assembly, we looked at what life was like in the trenches for WW1 soldiers, we wrote letters from their point of view describing their way of life. We created a class wreath and presented it, along with the other classes during our 2 minutes silence. 

RE reflection

We have just finished our unit in RE. In this unit we explored 'What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?'. In this unit we explored Christianity, Judaism and Humanism. As we have finished we answered the question using the knowledge gained over the last few weeks. 

Who inspires Year 3? 

For our half term homework, in preparation for our upcoming topic, we wrote about a historical figure who inspires us. 

Our New Display

During our topic 'Order! Order!' we learn about Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. Today we created a collaborative display which includes them and other inspirational figures from history. We were all responsible for a piece of the artwork and when they were put together they created this beautiful display. 


We had so much fun exploring Diwali with Mrs Johri. She taught us all about how and why people celebrate the festival. We compared this to a celebration which we celebrate at home, created our own rangoli patterns and had a go at Garba dancing. 

Our Reflective Area

This term our reflective area is focused on Thankfulness. We can write thank you cards to others and add prayers, hopes and thankful notes to our tree. We are able to add prayers and worries to our box, have a moment of quiet time or think about one of our reflective questions such as 'what is true happiness?'. 

RE- Conscience Alley

In our current RE topic we have been exploring how people use religion to decide what is right and wrong. Today we looked at Humanists, they do not have a holy book so we looked at what it means to have a conscience. To do this we created a conscience alley. The class formed two lines facing each other. One person walked between the lines as each member of the group speaks their advice. It was organised so that those on one side give opposing advice to those on the other. When they reached the end of the alley, they makes their decision.

Life in Ancient Greece Reports 

To present our research about what life was like in Ancient Greece, we wrote reports. 

DT- Greek Pots 

In DT this term we have designed and created pots inspired by historical Greek artifacts. First we explored pictures of real Greek pots looking for a common designs, we had a go at copying these designs in our sketch books. We then sketched our own designs inspired by them. We created our own using clay and paint, scratching our designs into the clay before they dry. We also created some using oil pastels, painting over the whole design with paint. we then scratched the detailed designs into the paint to reveal the colourful pastels below. We proudly displayed our work in the main corridor. 

English - Letters of Persuasion

After reading the Greek Myth Theseus and the Minotaur we wrote persuasive letters from the point of view of Princess Ariadne, trying to convince Theseus to allow her to help him. We used rhetorical questions and incentives to help make our arguments convincing. 


English - Mythical Beasts 

After exploring a variety of Greek Myths we will soon by writing our own! Every good myth has a mythical beast so today we created our own. We took features of real animals which we find interesting and then combined them to create our own mythical animal or beast, our ideas were very creative. 

Athens Vs Sparta 

We have been learning about what life was like in Ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta had a very different way of life. We gathered research to compare and contrast and discussed where we would prefer to live. We then split into two groups to have a debate. One side represented Athens and the other, Sparta. Each side needed to convince Miss Smith that they have a better way of life. 

Greek Olympics 

We really enjoyed learning about the Greek Olympics. We compared how they were similar and different to modern day Olympics using a venn diagram. 

Greek Alphabet 

Today we explored the Greek alphabet, we thought about how it is similar and different to our own, wrote our name and even a secret message to a friend! 

Welcome to Year 3!

Now we have settled into Year 3, we recapped our schools golden rules and values, we make a promise that we would try our best to always follow them and be the best we can be.