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Commonwealth Sports Day 24/5/22

Meet the Mummies! 23/5/22

Year 4's Eco jars! We created different environments inside each jar, such as dirty air/clean air, clean water/ dirty water.

9.2.22       After writing instruction leaflets for 'How to take care of your guinea pig', Year 4 welcomed some very special visitors!!


Our Visit to the Conservation Area.


Year 4 have been looking at positive and negative changes within the local environment. The children took a trip into the school’s Conservation Area where they used a table to record various living things. We discussed how the habitat thrives and how it would be affected if certain plants or animals were removed. Afterwards, the children had to use their findings to draw classification keys, which they loved creating! Next week, we will make Pollution jars. A big thank you for the wool and jar donations, we really appreciate it!

Conservation Area Visit



This week Year 4 had the opportunity to meet and interview Lizzie Berry who works at St Luke’s Church. The children have been looking at how God’s Good News is shared and shown with others. The children thought of their own questions to develop a better understanding of Lizzie’s role. Here are the questions the children thought of below.  


  • How did you become involved in the church?
  • How long have been in your role, do you enjoy it?
  • What do you hope for the children in your groups to achieve?
  • Would you recommend this role to others?
  • What qualities and qualifications do you need?


The children were very engaged and excited to have Lizzie Berry visit them. Well done Year 4 and thank you Lizzie! 


Check out our photos below. 

26.1.22 - Year 4's interview with Lizzie Berry

Art - Cross stitch

Coram workshop - Skills for life

Christmas - We have been so busy this term to the run up to Christmas. The children have been working so hard, singing carols, making Christingles and even learning to play the recorder. We are so proud of them all. Have a lovely Christmas break.

Elf Day in Year 4!

Year 4 Viking morning!

The Mini Fire Engine - Poppy donation Nov 2021. Year 4 donated a Poppy wreath to The Mini Fire Engine firefighters. These firefighters have been working within Leicester to raise awareness of Remembrance day and raise funds for families whose loved ones served in the wars. As a treat and thank you the children got to spray the hoses and ask questions. What a day to remember!