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On our page you will find a variety of things that we have done over the year across all areas of learning. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy looking at Reception!


Important information and dates:

  • Children need to put their book bag into the reading box to change their reading book.
  • Tuesday and Thursday - PE days
  • Thursday - This day is the last day for handing in Home Tasks.
  • Friday - New Home Tasks given out.
  • Class Letters are in the Parents Tab.

Our Christmas Nativity

Our Nativity was in the church during the Carol Service. Reception did the acting and Year 2 the narrating.

On Thursday 8th December, Reception and Year 2 went to St. Luke's Church Mother's Union Christmas party and sang Christmas carols and songs to them.


EU Voting (School Version)

Today 23rd June 2016, in Reception, we learnt about what our grown ups would be doing today. Some of us knew it was voting day! Miss Dosanjh told us about why they are voting and why it is important. We looked at an example of a voting card and read through the instructions and rules to follow.


Miss Dosanjh set up a polling station inside the classroom. Mr Lickers helped out and handed out the voting cards. Here, some children are confirming their names and our voting question was 'Should we wear uniform?'

We voted and remembered to keep our answers a secret!


We folded our slips and put them into the box. Miss Dosanjh counted the slips and the results were...

26 children said 'yes' to school uniform.

9 children said 'no' to school uniform.


We had a little debate about our answers.

'We look smart'                    'you know we are in school'

            'the teachers don't wear school

        uniform, and we do and that's not fair!'


We learned a lot about voting and really enjoyed today!


Food for Life Planting

Forest Day in Reception

On one of the sunnier days this month, Reception decided to have a Forest Day! We took our things from the classroom and had a whole day in the conservation area exploring, writing lists and making tents and dens. We even found a frog which we let go in a safer part of the conservation area. 


We saw all sorts of insects and mini-beasts and we worked together to help each other make our dens!

Friday 22nd April 2016 - Food Fair

This is what our stall looked like, ready for grown ups to come and buy our cheese straws and banana muffins. We made buntings and wrote messages to encourage people to come to our stall!

We sold everything in 10 minutes!

Zoo Academy Visit!


On Friday 18th March ZooAcademy came to visit St. Lukes as part of British Science Week! We had a chance to learn about minibeasts and touch them too!

Chinese New Year

Making Gingerbread Men

Our Christmas Nativity!

Making Fruit Skewers