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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


Blog Post on Eastern European Landmark due Friday 11 December

Geography Work

A number of short tasks, which repeat each week, have been set on Purple Mash to practise naming and locating the continents, oceans and countries of Europe. It is expected that your child will have an improved score by the end of the topic and our teaching.


Citing sources of information homework - due Monday 26th October

Make an eCollage to include your photo - due Monday 12 October

Design a comic about online safety - due Monday 5 October


Each week we will teach a new spelling pattern in class from the Year 5 and 6 lists. Children will practise this online, at home, using the online platform Spelling Shed.


Times Tables

We use the Times Table Rock Stars online platform to practise multiplication and division facts. Your child uses their school username and password to access this. Your child needs to complete at least 5-a-day - at least 5 games in the Garage mode - each game lasts 1 minute. Times tables facts are the basis of half the Maths we cover in Year 5 so it is vital that your child knows them reliably. All the facts should already be known by the end of Year 4.


Topic Work

Other work will be set for your child using the Purple Mash online platform. These are set as 2Dos and can be seen as soon as your child logs in. Children should check the ‘Alerts’ button as well.


Login details

We have simplified this. There is now one username and password for your child and this will access all the above online platforms, which previously had separate logins.


Recommended Reading

There are some links below to lists or recommended reads for Year 5 children. 

Please note, there is no right and wrong in this. Any book which enthrals and motivates a child is a good read.

These lists are sponsored by booksellers. The good thing about that is the books are in print and available. The downside is that they are marketing products so the pages contain adverts. 

If your child is still a developing reader or lacks confidence, some contain links to lists for slightly younger children and this will be right for your child. If in any doubt, please contact us about this.

Our class visits the school library on a rota - see below.