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Year 6's Journey

Here you will find some photos of what we have been up to in class. Newer items will be towards the top of the page.


We have now started adding the second layer of colour onto our wall papers. We had to break parts of our tile and print smaller parts on top of our base colour.

Science Assembly

Today we had a science assembly by Fizz Pop. They came and showed us lots of different things that we could get involved in at our new science club. It looked very exciting and we all had lots of fun!


Today we have printed the first layer of our wallpaper prints using our poly tiles.


In Science, we have been learning about the different components of blood. Here we made our own models of blood using different items around the classroom.

Red glitter = Red blood cells

White straws = White blood cells

Pom poms = Platelets

Water = Plasma


We have been using our senses to help us create descriptive sentences. This will help us when we write our mystery stories. 


We have been learning all about the artist William Morris. Today we have designed our own wallpaper pattern inspired by William Morris' work. We used flowers and nature to help us create our designs. Here we are transferring our designs onto our poly tiles ready to print.


We have been learning about humanists and what they here. Here we were given different scenarios and had to think of two different endings - a good one and a bad one. We then presented the scenarios to the rest of the class and they had to guess which ending it was.