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Welcome to Year 2's Class Page!

On our page you will find a variety of things that we have done over the year across all areas of learning. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing! We hope you enjoy looking at Year 2!

Important Dates!


Tuesday - times table test every 2 weeks

Children can practise in a variety of ways such as chanting, singing songs, drawing groups of or lots of an amount and counting in the tables to find the amount, or writing the tables out. They will have their test in a muddled order.


Wednesday- hand in homework and spelling test

Children can practise their spellings in lots of ways such as look, cover, write, check, repeating the words, using a rhyme for each letter of the word, finding common words in the word that they already know and can see, segmenting the word or breaking it down into syllables.


 PE Days - Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure children have an indoor and outdoor PE kit that is labelled and jewellery is removed. 


 Friday - new homework, spellings and times tables will be handed out although this can sometimes be on a Thursday.


Please ensure your child reads at least three times a week at home with an adult and the reading diary is signed. We check diaries regularly and children are allowed to move their face on our chart. If children read three or more times in a week they receive 1 house point on Friday.


You can help your child to read by...

- Guiding them to break down longer words so that they can be decoded 

- Asking them what has happened so far before continuing to read

- Encouraging your child to predict what may happen part way through and how they might know this

- Asking your child questions about characters' feelings, emotions and thoughts

Useful Information

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Art and Design - St. Paul's Cathedral

Today we worked together in small groups to design, build and paint models which represented St. Paul's Cathedral. We thought about the 3D shapes we could see, we talked about how to attach the objects together and how to carefully add the detail at the end. Each one looked really good!

Year 2's Teddy Bear Picnic

Today we had a great time enjoying our picnic with our favourite teddies. We all enjoyed the parachute games and trying to get our teddies as high into the air as we could through team work!

Science - Bean diaries

Today we updated our bean diaries. Some of ours have grown leaves and others have just started growing roots and stems. We made sure we labelled our diagrams and drew what we could see in our jars.

Maths - position and direction

The last 2 weeks we have been learning about different directions and turns. It has been quite tricky to understand but we have persevered with it and understood it by the end of the 2nd week!


The weather was beautiful today and very hot for Sports Day. We had a lot of fun participating in different events and trying our best! We loved having our grown ups there to watch us!

Year 2's School Trip - Outdoor Pursuit Centre

Today we were all very excited for our school trip to the Outdoor Pursuit Centre. We were split into 2 groups and half of us did climbing while the other half did bell-boating.


We used this trip to practise some of our school values such as perseverance to keep on going, aspiration to get to the top of the climbing wall and to also aspire others.


Climbing Video

Still image for this video

Climbing Video

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Lunch time


Boating Video

Still image for this video

Boating video

Still image for this video

Boating Video

Still image for this video

Boating Video

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Play time

D&T - Amazon Rainforests

We have been really busy collecting natural materials over the weekend so that we could start making our Amazon Rainforests. First we painted the backgrounds of our shoeboxes...

...then we started from the forest floor and made each layer.
Finally we used plasticine to make mini models of animals in the Amazon Rainforest. We thought carefully about which animals we wanted to make, their colours and which level they belong to and added these in. They look great!

Art - Arpilleras

Here are our finished Arpilleras! They look brilliant and so colourful!


This week we have worked so hard and learnt alot about the Amazon Rainforest. We know that it covers a lot of Peru which is the country Paddington is from, and so we have learnt about the different layers, what happens at each layer and the animals that live there. We have made booklets to show this information and on Friday we had a Peru Day.


We dressed up as Peru children, learnt about Lima and made our own favela town, discovered Peruvian art work and made our own as well as cooking potatoes and having a Peruvian feast at the end of the day!

Maths - Measurement

We have now completed our topic about measurement and over the last few weeks we have added to our working wall! 

Maths - L

Over the last 2 days, we have learnt about litres. We measured litres into large bottles and containers using either 500ml jugs or 250ml measuring cylinders so we had to keep track of how many times we were pouring! We now know that litres are much bigger than ml.

Maths - ml

Today we had a very fun Maths lesson as it involved water! We looked at different containers and discussed capacity and volume. We looked at what would happen if we poured the same amount of water into different containers and the same sized containers. We also tried having a go at estimating half full, quarter full and three quarters full.

Geography - Peru

This half-term we are focusing on Paddington's passport as he travels around the world! The main places he is visiting are the Amazon Rainforest and London!


Paddington is from Peru so this week has been all about his background and facts about him. We wrote fact files this week and then pretended to be a class full of bears as we wrote diary entries about him arriving in London.


Towards the end of the week, we researched our own facts about Peru by skimming and scanning texts to find the key information. Miss Dosanjh collected our ideas and turned them into notes so that we could choose the ideas we wanted, to write our Peru fact files. What a busy week!!!

Maths - cm and m

We have moved onto our next part of measuring; centimetres and metres. We have had a go at estimating objects, lengths and heights this week around the classroom and school before measuring. After this, we have persevered to complete problems, reason our thoughts and compare different lengths too!

RE - Mezuzahs

We have finished learning about Synagogues and have moved onto Mezuzahs. We have learnt what these are, why they are used, what is inside them and where they are put. We have made our own! They are outside our classroom too with our own prayers inside them. 

Maths - Thermometer hunt

This week we have taken part in a range of practical activities. We investigated weights again and compared them with objects around the classroom.


Then we thought of 6 challenges and completed these in groups. We timed the activities to see how long they took in minutes and seconds. Afterwards, we compared the times to see which were the shortest and longest.


Lastly, Miss Dosanjh hid 6 thermometers in the school grounds. We worked in partners to find them and record their temperatures. We then looked at the coldest and hottest places together as a class. We also discussed any odd readings to see if we had read the thermometers correctly. Can you believe at quarter past 10 the trim trail was around 33 degrees! The adults wouldn't believe us until they checked themselves!

Art - Animal masks

The last two days we have been concentrating on our animal masks in our art lessons. One of the lessons was to paint the background of our mask and let it dry. The next day we looked at our designs we created on paper and copied these onto our masks. We tried really hard to make them look exactly the same and we focused on including the features of our animal onto the masks. Can you guess who is who behind the masks?

Art - Habitat collages

One of our others tasks this week has been to create a collage showing an animal in its habitat. We had a range of media we could use and even collected natural things from outside that we found. We had a lot of creative ideas and by the end of the week we could guess each others' animal and the habitat it lives in! Can you guess where the animal is and what it is?

DT - Animal masks

This week we have been really busy completing our SATs, but we have had some exciting things to do in the afternoons. One of our tasks was to create a mask and design it too! As our topic and Science work is all linked to animals, we worked in pairs to complete a paper mache balloon which will form our masks. On another afternoon, we designed what our animal mask would look like. We thought carefully about the features on our animal, and made sure we included this. Can you guess what our animals are?

Science - Lifecycle of a frog

This week we learnt about the different stages of a frog and wrote information leaflets to tell others about it. We also finished our topic display and our homework is now on display too! We practised sketching a butterfly. Each one looks different and beautiful! 

Maths - Measurement (g and kg)

The last few weeks we have been really busy with cramming in a lot of learning in Maths. We have covered telling the time, learning about hours and minutes, and also reading and labelling thermometers. This week we have learnt about grams and kilograms. We started off by comparing objects first and then measuring objects in grams before solving word problems.

Science - Lifecycle of a Butterfly

This week has been all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We learnt a lot of new facts and then wrote our own explanation texts about it. We all tried to use the special words we collected as a class together, and some of us also included sub-headings and words that have suffixes. 


Later on in the week we worked together in small groups to make a stage of the lifecycle for our topic display.

Science - things that are alive, once alive and never lived

We have all had a restful break and have returned back to school ready to learn. Our new topic is 'Where The Wild Things Are' and as part of our Science lesson today, we looked at objects that are alive, those that were once alive and those that have never lived.


We went outside to search for things, put them into a class grid and also explained our reasons. 


Cooking - Easter nests

Today we made Easter nests and as we did this we were reminded about new life during Easter. They were really yummy!

History - Knights

This week we looked at Knights to finish off our topic about Traditional Tales. First we collected our information from non-fiction writing and put our ideas into our own words. Then we planned what we wanted to write and finally wrote our writing up after making edits. We designed our non fiction writing by adding pictures to it.


We also saw a model of a knight and measured how long a 3 metre lance was! It wouldn't fit the height of our classroom!

Science - Habitats

On Wednesday, we all went into our conservation area to start building our own micro-habitats. We learnt about what habitats were and what kind of animals live in different habitats around the world. We had a great time and worked well in our teams! 

Maths - Finding a fraction of a number

This week we have already covered the different fractions for Year 2, and how to use these to find a fraction of a shape and label fractions of shapes that have been coloured in. We have moved onto to finding a fraction of a number. We practised using equipment first, before finding fractions of a picture or number using drawings.

English - Rapunzel

This week we have looked at the traditional story Rapunzel. We began acting out the story at the beginning of the week, and then writing the beginning, middle and ending. 

English - Jack and the Beanstalk

This week in English, we have continued with Jack and the Beanstalk but changed our own middle and ending to the story. We started off by completing our story maps and then writing the beginning, middle and ending trying to include things like questions, exclamations, commas in lists and making sure our sentences make sense.

Maths - 3D Shapes

This week we have started our learning about 3D shapes after last week's learning about 2D shapes. We have learnt special words like vertices, corners, sides, edges and faces. We have started recognising how many each shape has got as well as their shape names! Some of use moved onto challenges to create 3D shapes from a net. Our working wall has helped us this week to remember our learning.

Art Focus - Lent

This year, our Art Focus is focusing on Lent. In Year 2, we have learnt about what Lent is and what happens during this time for Christians. We based our art work thinking about Jesus during Lent. 


Half of us painted our background using desert colours to show Jesus spending 40 days and 40 nights there. The other half of us painted our backgrounds using happy colours to show the happy time during Lent and Easter when people are able to thank Jesus for all that he has done for us. 


Later in the week, some of us used oil pastels to make tally marks showing the number 40. We have been learning about tally charts in maths, but it also showed Jesus counting 40 days and nights. The rest of us used a cross in the middle of our paper and used a dark crayon to make marks around the edges of the cross to the paper. When we lifted the cross it created an amazing outline. We used dark colours to show how Jesus sacrificed food and water during Lent, and the patience and perseverance he had to keep going.

Maths - Graph work

The last two weeks we have been really busy learning all about tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. We had a go at making our own, adding information to these different charts, graphs and diagrams as well as answering questions! 

Maths - Sharing practically

Moving on from arrays, this week we have started learning about multiplication and division by learning how to share practically. We learnt how to read division number sentences, how to work them out and use practical equipment to help us.

Maths - Making arrays

This week our learning has been all about arrays. We have learnt what these are, how to make our own and how to find a range of number sentences from them.

Art - Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The last two weeks we have been learning about an artist who uses fruit and vegetables to create paintings! We found it bizarre but interesting. We had a go at making our own fruit faces using pictures of fruit. We focused on changing the angles of the fruit or using parts of them to create other things on our faces. 

Maths - Making equal groups

This week we have been looking at making groups based on a times table we are given using practical equipment. We moved onto practising to count in our 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s and knowing related facts.

History - Famous Four

This half-term we battled a lot of sickness but nevertheless we all tried to persevere to continue going on! We learnt about 4 different famous people throughout the weeks. These were Louis Braille, Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong. Each week we learnt about why they were famous and how they changed the world today. We practised writing diaries and letters, pretending to be in the shoes of these famous people!


To end off our topic, we performed our class assembly all about famous people and events to our grown ups! We dressed up as different characters and practised our roles really well that our grown ups were shocked with how amazing we were! 

Here we are practising to type our names on a Braille machine. It was really tricky and took a long time!


For our marble treat we cooked this morning! We made tortilla pizzas and cookies! Here we are preparing our pizzas.

A lot of us were measuring out ingredients for our chewy chocolate chip cookies!

In the afternoon, we ate our tasty pizzas and cookies! Thank you to all the grown ups who contributed towards the ingredients.

Year 2's Christmas Party!

Today was a really exciting day for us in Year 2. Not only did we narrate the carol service in the church, perform our Feliz Navidad song, have our grown ups back in the classroom and read our poinsettia stories to them, but we also had our Christmas party in the afternoon too! 


We started off by taking part in a bauble hunt. We had a number to start off with and had to work out the various number sentences to find the next answer which was on another bauble. We did really well and used a lot of the strategies taught so far!

Then we had a go at traditional Mexican dancing. There were prizes up for grabs so we tried really hard with copying the dance.

Mexican dancing 1

Still image for this video

Mexican dancing 2

Still image for this video

After that we finally got to do what we have been waiting for...the PINATA! It was so much fun and we all had a go.

Finally we had some party snacks before going home. We had a great party and end to the year! Thank you to all the grown ups who contributed.

D&T - Pinatas

The next thing we made were our own pinatas! These were really tricky so we had to follow step by step instructions. Inside is a little surprise for when we open them on Christmas day!

D&T - Poinsettia cards

This week is all about preparing our classroom for Christmas. In Year 2 we have a Mexican theme and so we started off by making poinsettia Christmas cards for our families. We developed our cutting and layering skills to make these.

Science - Material investigation

Today we were told that Santa is arriving soon and he needs some help with choosing which materials are best to make the following objects; sleigh, boots and clothes. We felt the materials that were available, and then talked as a class about the properties of each one which would be best suited. We recorded our answers and had a lot of fun sticking the materials down on our sheets too! 

Geography - Fact files

This week we have been looking at writing fact files again but all about Christmas in Mexico! We started off by finding our own facts and putting them into our own words. Using our notes, we then planned what we wanted to write and some of us even used sub-headings! Finally we wrote our plans as a final version.

The Legend of the Poinsettia

After re-telling this story through drama, this week has been really busy for us because we have made our own books and written the story. We have thought about including expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, apostrophes and different punctuation! 

Maths - Money

We have started our new topic in maths...MONEY! We have learnt how to count in p and £ and understand the difference between the two. We also counted pound and pence together as well as compare amounts. We've looked at the different notes we have in our country and practised counting these with other coins.


Our Year 2 shop is also set up and we have practised buying objects and counting money to see if we have been given the correct amount! 

Our Class Poinsettia Flower

On Friday we were given a present to look after...our very own Poinsettia flower! We will have to care for it and look after it so that the leaves turn red by Christmas! 

Anti-bullying week - Respect

This week we learnt about bullying; what it is, how to spot it and what to do about it. As our theme was Respect, we listened to a story called 'Something Else' who was not respected for the way he looked or dressed. He followed this behaviour with another creature but then realised this was the wrong choice to make. He respected the creature and they became best friends!


We talked about how we are all different to each other and we should show respect to each other and for each other so that we can all get along. We drew self-portraits of ourselves to show this too.

Mexico - The Legend of the Poinsettia

This week we have started looking at the Mexican Christmas story! We heard the story being read to us by the author and then we were put into groups to re-tell the story! We changed our voices to become the characters and made use of the classroom space too.


Later on in the week, we sequenced the story using pictures and started writing pages in our book applying the learning so far from our grammar lessons like expanded noun phrases and using conjunctions! Keep an eye out for pages of our book once they are finished!  

Mexico - Maracas

This week we finished off our maracas and wrote instructions about how to make them. 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction

We have now almost come to an end with addition and subtraction in maths and we have learnt so much over the last few weeks. Here is our working wall. Please practise these types of questions and encourage children to work them out using these methods.

Mexico - Maracas

Today we learnt about a Mexican musical instrument. We have started making our own! Keep checking to see how our maracas progress! Later next week we will write instructions about how we made them. 

History - Remembering 100 years

This afternoon we started making our poppy wreath. We talked about why this year is so important to remember those who fought in the war. On Friday we stood on the playground and took part in a 2 minute silence. We held our wreaths at the front of the school and then placed them in front of a tree in our field.

English - Instructions

We have focused on writing instructions the last few days. First we looked at a traditional Mexican paper design called Papel Picados which are made by folding paper and cutting out shapes. We had a go and then wrote instructions about how to make them!

Mexico - Artefacts

This week we have looked at lots of different Mexico artefacts that have been sent to us by the wonderful library services. We learnt about each thing and even had a go at trying the shawl on!

PSHE - Friendship

This half-term we are looking at friendship. Today we talked about what a good and bad friend was. We drew around 2 friends from our class and stuck our ideas down.

Geography - Mexico!

We have started our new topic all about Mexico! This week we have learnt about the flag and what it means. Why don't you ask us about it! We also did our own research and found facts from fact books which we put into our own words as we wrote our fact files. 

Mexico Homework

Look at our wonderful Mexican facts we have researched! 

Maths - Adding and subtracting 2 2-digit numbers

In maths we have been looking at different methods to work out larger numbers now. We practised with equipment first and looked carefully at the symbol to see if it was + or -  . We then moved onto using drawings to either add more tens and ones, or cross off tens and ones if it was a subtract number sentence.


This week has been all about Diwali! We recapped the Diwali story which Hindus follow, but we learnt about the Sikh story which Sikhs follow and is the reason they celebrate Diwali too! We performed drama after listening to the story, wrote our own story boards and learnt about acrostic poems! We wrote our own acrostic poems about Diwali. They were really challenging!


We were also really lucky to learn about how Hindus celebrate Diwali. We saw how rangoli patterns were made and also took part in traditional dancing which we performed to KS1!

Maths - Using a number line

This week we have recapped using drawings to add and subtract a 2-digit number and a tens number. We have moved onto using number lines to add a 2 - digit number and ones. You can get more practise by trying some out by yourself using our working wall methods below!

Collective Worship - Creativity

We have returned back to school ready to learn! We started off our learning with our Christian Value - Creativity. We recapped about how some people believe God is the creator of the world. We went outside to pick up pieces of God's creation, and later in the afternoon we made our own creations using our imagination!

Year 2's Pirate Day!

To make our topic come to life, we held a Pirate Day! We started off the day by reading a letter that was left in our classroom. We had a mission to complete today! After this we learnt about a famous pirate and wrote a fact file about him too.

After this some of us helped with preparing a pirate feast! We practised skills of cutting safely using a knife when cutting oranges and grating cheese using a grater. An adult helped us to measure ingredients to make hard tack! Others were drawing their selves as a pirate on a stick and practised using thick and thin pens for detail. We created a display in our classroom.

Before lunch time, we finally got to read The Pirate Cruncher from beginning to end, and found out what happened to those greedy pirates! Some of us were accurate in predicting the end of our own stories!


After lunch time, some of us found clues that were left behind from Captain Purplebeard! He had hidden pieces of a treasure map around the school. It was our job to find these clues and find the treasure!

We managed to find all the pieces of the map which showed us where the treasure was hidden! We told our adults which way to go by following the map. When we got there, we couldn't believe our eyes! 

We brought the loot back and shared it out between the class. We enjoyed our well-deserved pirate feast too! The adults even gave us a taste of bombo! What a great day we had!

English - predicting endings to a story

We have been really busy this week in Year 2 learning how to predict an ending to the story we have been reading this half term. We came up with lots of ideas and planned our ending first before writing it up in our best handwriting and remembering to use past tense. Have a read of what we thought would happen next! 

Geography and Art - Designing a treasure map

This afternoon we discussed what physical features were and looked at examples of treasure maps. Earlier on in the week we used watery paint to give our maps an 'old' look. Today we used pencil colours and crayons to draw on our physical features using different pressures to give different shades.

English - Describing a setting

Today we looked at describing a setting in the story we are looking at. We thought about what we could smell, taste, hear and see. We listened to video clips and touched objects related to our Pirate theme that would help us with ideas. We worked together in teams to record our ideas down!

Science - Describing how things move

This afternoon we raced our pirate ships and observed to see whose moved the slowest and fastest and why. Later in the week we wrote up our investigation and thought about what we would do next time. 

English - Sea Monsters

This week we have read further on in our story, and we discovered that there is a sea monster out at sea! We designed our own sea monsters and labelled the features using powerful adjectives. The next day we put our ideas into sentences which is a really tricky skill, but we all did really well to write a sea monster character description.

RE- The Creation Story

Today we listened to a special story which Christian and Jewish people believe is how the the world was created. We talked about what happened on each day and then drew our own pictures to show how we thought that day would look after it was made. 

English - The Pirate Cruncher

Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing on the story called 'The Pirate Cruncher'. We have looked at writing a list of pirate jobs, describing ourselves as a pirate using powerful adjectives, writing speech bubbles for the characters in the story so far and describing what we can see on the front cover. 

Maths - Place Value

For the last couple of weeks we have been working really hard on our 2-digit numbers. We have learnt about tens and ones and how we can make 2-digit numbers in different ways using maths equipment. We have learnt how to draw 2-digit numbers too, as well as partition them using part-whole models and write number sentences! 

Collective Worship - Trust

This half-term our Christian Value is Trust. We talked about what we thought this was and then took part in an activity where we had to walk our partner to the hall blindfolded. Our partner had to trust us to take care of them and walk them safely - some of us found this really tricky!

Making Portholes

Our first topic is Pirates and we have been busy this week looking at different parts of a pirate ship and what they would be used for. We looked at portholes and discussed what we would see out of a porthole on our pirate ships! Have a look at the pictures and see if you can guess!

Pirate Homework

The Year 2 children have come back to school ready to learn and what wonderful homework we have received already!