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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Class Information

Key information


  • Reading is vital 

    Please date and sign your child’s reading diary each time you have heard them read. Any comments regarding their fluency, understanding or misconceptions are also helpful. When it is not possible to read to an adult, we encourage daily reading independently. 


  • PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.                                                                      Your child must come to school in their PE kit. Please make sure all jewellery is removed and hair is tied back. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide your child with tape to cover any earrings worn.    


  • Please ensure your child brings a small bag/book bag into school.                  Our classrooms have limited space and at times rucksacks/backpacks can lead to trips and falls as there is not enough space in the cloakrooms to store them. If possible, please use smaller bags to transport daily resources needed in school i.e., lunchboxes and reading books. We understand this might not be possible for every child especially those attending clubs, childminders and family arrangements. 


  • Spelling tests        

          Spelling tests will occur every Monday. Children will then be given next                     week's spellings to learn for the following week. Please ensure they have                       their spelling book with them on Mondays. 


  • Times table tests                                                                                                                    Times tables tests will take place every Monday. Children should also be revising and practicing on TTRS. There are many modes on TTRS which do not include a timer. Please discuss with your child which mode they prefer. Please ensure they also have their times table book with them on Mondays. 


  • Library      

         We aim to visit the school library every Thursday. Should your child wish 

         swap their book for a new one please remind your child to bring it to                              school.