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Today we were all looking forward to our European cooking and debate! We have improved our cutting skills and lots of us had a go at cutting pineapples, grapes, apples and strawberries for our fruit salad which represented Hunstanton. We also had a go at making our own pitta bread pizzas which represented Italy. 


Before we could have our lunch, we were put into 2 teams and made flags. We had to debate in order to get Miss Dosanjh to come and live on our side. She was really impressed at how our debating skills had improved too since September! She decided she was 50/50 and then we could enjoy our yummy fruit salad and pizza all made by us!

Finding peas in the pods

After months of watering and looking after the plants, we finally found peas! Some of us got a chance to open the pods and see peas inside. We tasted them with a majority of the children saying they tasted 'sour'.

Using Lego creatively!

Some of the children amazed us all with their unique idea of using Lego to make the Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa! We have been learning about Italy as part of our Geography work to compare and contrast a place in our country with another in Europe.They worked together to help each other and created this wonderful famous building! 

Sports Day!

We had a great time this morning taking part in different sports activities for Sports Day. We cheered on our team members and a lot of certificates were won by all! Here are pictures and videos from our morning!

50m sprint race 1

Still image for this video

50m sprint 2

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50m sprint 3

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50m sprint 4

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Hunstanton school trip!

Today was the day of our school trip to sunny Hunstanton! We were all very excited and eager to go! Below is a picture of what we saw when we arrived!

Walking to the cliffs!

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As we walked along the sea front, we had a chance to take in the views and put our learning of tides into practise! We decided that during this time of the day, the tide was a low tide because it was further away.
We walked a few miles until we reached the old part of Hunstanton. We soon realised that we were walking on top of a cliff! It was an early lunch for us all as we were starving!
After lunch, we walked some more until we were at the lighthouse. Mrs Benson told us a story about the reason why there was a wolf statue, and there was an old part of a chapel still standing. After our story it was time to walk to the beach!
On the way to the beach, some of us started spotting chalk! We were really thrilled to see raw chalk as we have learnt about it this week and how chalk and limestone usually come from cliffs!

Finding chalk!

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Before we went to Hunstanton, we also learnt about erosion and how it happens. We had a fantastic opportunity to see this for real on the beach, and we saw how many different parts of the cliff have fallen off recently.


Erosion is dangerous as parts of the cliff fall off over time and some of us spotted a warning sign!

A view of the cliffs

Still image for this video
We had a chance to explore the cliff rocks before moving on!
Now it was time for the rock pools! We explored the pools, found crabs (dead and alive), hopped across the rocks and watched the tide!

The tide coming in

Still image for this video

What a great day we had! Thank you to all the parents and grown ups that got the bags packed, woke us up on time and let us go! 


Miss Dosanjh - The children really benefited from travelling to Hunstanton to participate in active learning and apply their learning to real life situations. I cannot thank you enough for letting the children go as it was an amazing but tiring day, and a lovely treat for the end of the year! 

Art and Design 

We have worked hard with our globes over 2 weeks. Here are the finishes results! It helped us to see where the continents are as well as the very hot equator! 


Look at how much our plants and flowers have grown! Thank you to the wonderful helpers who regularly spend their play times and lunch times looking after them and carrying out any jobs that need doing! 

Maths - g and kg

We have learnt about grams and kilograms today and had a lot of practise weighing, adding and reading scales! Some of us could find different combinations for the same amount!

Science - permeable or impermeable?

We have had some new learning this week and learnt about whether rocks are permeable or impermeable. We learnt what these words meant really quickly, and then explored different types of rocks and what they are used for. Our experiment involved lots of observations where we had to see if rocks let out bubbles meaning it was permeable, and if there were no bubbles the rock was impermeable.

Maths - Adding and subtracting money practically!

My shop was open today! There were a lot of things on offer and the Year 3 children were given a task to choose an item but give me the right amount before buying. We then practised also giving change and worked this out using a number line! 

Maths - Measuring ml and L!

Well our classroom ended up as a water disaster by the end of this lesson, but it was well worth it for the amount of learning we got out from measuring ml and L using a variety of measuring equipment. We had to work together in our teams to measure out different measurements that were on challenge cards, and then check this with an adult before moving on to the next one! It was great fun!

The challenges are ready for Year 3!

Maths - Making 3D shaped models!

Today we had a go at each station to make different 3D models and name them too! Here are some of our pictures!

Science - Magnets attracting and repelling

Today we learnt about what attract and repel means and then predicted and tested what happened to magnets when they faced a certain way!


We came up with a rule that two poles that are the same cannot attract and will always repel and two poles which are different will always attract!

We did drama to show repel and attract!
These are 2 magnets repelling...
These are 2 magnets attracting...

Science and Art - Magnet and forces paintings

Using the force of blowing through a straw, we created paintings. Some of us challenged ourselves by mixing the colours together before blowing with a straw.


We then made pictures by putting paint on the sheet and then repelling and attracting magnets to create a painting.

RE - Baptism

We have been thinking about why water is special. We thought of how water is shown in different ways and then watched a video about how Christians get Baptized. We created a class list of how adults and babies get Baptized.


Look how well our plants and flowers have blossomed! We have some keen gardeners who care and monitor the plants every single play and lunch time!

Literacy - who is the suspect?

This week we have looked at mystery stories. After creating our own characters and describing the setting, today the suspect in our story laid out clues in the classroom! When we came back into the room, we discovered strange things and tried to piece them together. Some of us thought the suspect was a dentist, Neil Armstrong, Little Red Riding Hood and even Edmund Hillary who climbed Mount Everest!

Who do you think is the suspect?

Science - Exploring magnet forces

Today we looked at different types of magnets, and which one would attract the most paperclips. It was a lot of fun as we carried out the investigation!

Science - Forces

To start our magnet topic in Science, we investigated how forces can affect cars down a ramp covered with different materials. We found out in the end that some objects need contact to create a force for the object to move, and other objects can have a force within a distance and move without any contact such as 2 magnets. 

ICT - Coding

This afternoon we continued with coding on the iPads. Today we programmed snails to move across a race track and then had a go at creating our own snail races by changing backgrounds, making snails talk, making them turn and more!

Science - how do roots and stem work?

This afternoon was exciting! We carried out an experiment to show how roots and the stem works in a plant and then we made our own flower models following a set of instructions!

Here were were preparing the tissue paper...
we coloured in 3 sections using felt tip....
and used different colours to see the magic work!
We put the tissue in a small amount of water...
the water started climbing up the tissue...
because the tissue was soaking up the water!
Look at all the amazing colours!
We also made flower models...
to see how the roots and stem work.
Here we are working hard to follow each step!
Once these were made...
we practised sucking through the straw.
Although we could suck air....
we knew how a stem would suck up water!

Literacy - visiting our secret garden!

As we have been reading 'The Secret Garden', today we went into our own secret garden...the conservation area! We spent most of the morning here being very quiet, so that we could see the wildlife come out. We remembered our learning about fronted adverbials and included sentences with these in. What amazing things we ended up writing about!

Science - Planting sunflowers

In Year 3, we are having a race till the end of the year to see whose sunflower will grow the tallest! We all really enjoyed planting our little seeds and filling the pots with compost. Some of use learnt if we put the seeds too close together, they won't have enough room to grow!

Science - Dissecting a flower

Today we learnt about dissecting a flower to find all the different parts. We used various scientific tools and learnt what the parts of the flower do. 



Year 3's flower garden!

We have returned back to school and it has been a packed week as usual! As our topic is about plants for 3 weeks, we created flower models for homework to create a flower garden. The homework was outstanding and our classroom is blossoming more than ever!

Time for Easter!

Today was our last day before we head off for our Easter holidays. Miss Dosanjh decided to hide eggs all around the school grounds, and it was our job to find them by answering the clues which would reveal the location. It was pretty tiring and hard work, but we managed to find most of them! What a glorious day for an Easter egg hunt!


We wish you all a happy Easter and a restful break before returning back for the final term! 

Maths - Quantum Theatre Performance

Today we were lucky enough to have Quantum Theatre visit us for a spectacular show - Shape, Space and Desperate Measures! It had a Star Wars theme with a twist of Maths involved. There were lots of mathematical problems we were faced with and had to solve! Here are some of the pictures.

Ready for the show!
A maths problem involving addition...
and conversions!
A measurement conversion problem!
Questions about time which we know all about!
We were good at this...
and got the questions correct!
Perimeter problems!
Questions about shapes!

Food For Life - Planting

We decided to start planting our crops ready for the Summer before we leave for our holidays. We talked about different plants we had such as chives, purple mint and strawberries. We also planted peas and attached canes so they can begin climbing upwards. What a beautiful and sunny day for planting!

Stone Age Assembly

Today we performed our assembly to our parents, grown ups and the whole school! It was very nerve racking, however we did a great job and everyone learnt new facts and enjoyed watching photos and videos from the school trip!

Stone Age Day - Leicester Pursuit Centre

Today was the day of our school trip! We went to the outdoor pursuit centre for a Stone Age Day. We participated with 3 activities throughout the whole day - Bell Boating, Bushcraft and Archery! Here are some of our videos and pictures!

Arrived at the centre!
Time for Archery

Learning from the experts!

Still image for this video
Bell Boating!

Rowing along the river!

Still image for this video

Team work

Still image for this video

Animal Teeth homework

For our homework this week, we chose an animal and created a mask. It had to show the teeth that the animal has! 

Science - Animal Teeth

This week in Science, we investigated animal teeth. There were lots of pictures around the room and we had to guess which animal they belonged to. We also identified the types of teeth these animals had in their mouths, and how it helped them survive. We created a display of our own faces and which types of teeth we would like to have if we were animals! 

Maths - Time

We have come to an end with telling the time in lots of different ways and our next topic is fractions!

DT - Clay Roundhouses

We have been looking at roundhouses and cave paintings in guided reading. We now know why they painted in caves, what they used, how they built their houses and what materials they used too.


Using clay, we modelled our own roundhouses thinking about detail as we made them.

Art - Cave paintings

We had a go at drawing our own cave paintings. First we created our background colour, then drew our pictures which told a story. Finally to create a better effect, some of us used crayons to go over our pencil markings, while others used charcoal. They look really good hanging up in our classroom!

Stone Age Artefacts

We have been really lucky to look and feel artefacts from the Stone Age! We learnt a lot about the types of tools they used, why they used them and how they were made. We used this information in our diary writing about our hunting experiences!

We also had Scarlett and Ayush talking to us about how they made their spears using natural materials!

Drama - Discovering Fire!

This afternoon we worked in our groups to act out how we would react if we discovered fire for the first time! Without using speech, and only using actions and expression, some of us used fire to protect ourselves, others used fire to see where we were painting, and some used fire to cook food. We wrote evaluations about each other's performances.

Maths - Time

We have been investigating seconds, minutes and hours as part of our time work in maths. Today we worked in groups to time ourselves on different activities and record them. We then compared the times to see which was the slowest and quickest activity, and how we knew.


"I looked at the minutes and they were both 2. I looked at the back number and there was 5 and 20. 5 seconds is quicker than 20 so 2:20 was the slowest time."

Stone Age Models

The classroom is full of models that the Year 3 children have been making over half-term as part of homework! They are all unique and different, as well as the many posters, paintings and facts that have also been handed in!

Our homework display!

Art Focus - Salvador Dali

Year 3 have been looking at the artist Salvador Dali who was a very strange man, and had a troubled life growing up. He showed his emotions through his art work. We had a go at drawing our own portraits of him using careful sketching skills and using a pipe cleaner for his funny moustache!

We had a look at one of Dali's paintings called 'The Elephants'. This was a strange painting as the elephants had long insect-like legs! We had a go at drawing our own! We painted our backgrounds using gradient colours and left them to dry.
To give us inspiration, we made our own animals with long dangly legs by moulding plasticine and using cocktails sticks for the long legs!
We drew these animals onto our painted background. They looked very good hung up in the classroom!
Another one of Dali's famous paintings was 'The Persistence of Memory'. In this painting were melting clocks. We decided to make our own melting clocks by moulding clay and drawing our own clock times. Some of us drew Roman numerals, others drew numbers incorrectly to make it more confusing and some of us drew the hands telling certain times of the day!

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project

Here is our display showing the different steps we have taken and learnt about, to get to the end result of making and selling our healthy snacks! What an experience we have had!


Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project

Time to sell sell sell!

This afternoon was our time to put all our hard work together and sell what we had made! We had time to prepare our tables, set out our food in an attractive way for customers, and get selling! What a turn out we had! We collected £182 which we have decided to go towards school trips this year!

Here the children are setting their tables!
Some of the teams ready!
Working out change...
A satisfied customer!

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project

Cutting skills

Today we have been preparing our food by using and practising our cutting skills. We used the bridge and claw cut when cutting our foods. We also had to follow the instructions carefully.

With the contributions given, this is all the equipment and food bought for the healthy snack sale!
This group were peeling and cutting fruit...
for jelly fruit salad!
This group were cutting peppers...
for their sailboats...
they had great concentration!
This group were making tortilla pizzas!
They were cutting the tortillas...
cutting basil...
and grating cheese!
A fantastic production line with this group!

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project

Making our Packaging

Today we made our prototype packaging as an example if anyone was to purchase a large amount from us. We planned our designs already, and copied them carefully onto our labels, flags, boats, cubes or cones!

Maths - Roman Numerals

We have been learning to tell the time all sorts of different ways; analogue, digital and including Roman numerals! We have recapped half past, quarter past and to, and lots us are getting the hang of telling the time to the 5 minute interval! Now we can't stop telling the time at school!

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project


Today we looked at our homework. It was to bring in different types of packaging. We spotted the colours, information and pictures or activities that companies use to attract customers. We have got some good ideas for our own packaging!

Packaging Homework

Look at our amazing packaging homework we have brought in!

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project


Today we have been working hard with our pitches! We got into our teams and practised what we were going to say, to make others come and buy our healthy snacks! Here are some examples of our pitches!

Mood in the Food

Still image for this video

Vegetable Villains

Still image for this video

Out of the Box - Business Enterprise project


Today we got put into groups and decided our team names;

  • Food Munchers
  • Mood in the Food
  • Vegetable Villains
  • Super Foods
  • Healthy Heroes
  • Healthy Stars

We decided on our recipes to make and sell, and then began researching our ingredients and how much each item would cost. 

We worked in small groups on iPads to look for the cheapest ingredients!

(Out of the Box - Business Enterprise Project)

We have received a letter...

A strange letter arrived at school for us today. It looks like we are going into business!

PSHE - Healthy Eating

As part of our Enterprise Project, we looked into healthy foods that are enjoyed by Year 3. We made bar charts and also pie charts on the computers. We could think of some clear statements from these charts.

Maths - Grid Multiplication

This week is our last week on multiplication and division before moving onto time! This is our working wall that has helped us to understand the relationship between the 2 operations, and to help us learn our 3, 4 and 8 times tables too!

To help us multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number we have used a grid and lots of different maths equipment to work out the answer. Here are some of our photos - we even worked one out as a class together before it was break time, without any help from our adults!

RE - Noah and the Flood

In year 3, we have been learning about 'People of God'. The first person we have been studying is Noah. Last week we acted out the story and this week we hot-seated characters!


Here is Noah on the chair. Some of the questions we asked were...

How did you feel making the boat?

Why wasn't you evil like the other people?

Are you tired?

How were you feeling when God sent the flood?

Here is Noah's son. The questions given to him were...

What did it feel like when your dad had to make the boats?

What did it feel like when the flood arrived?

What did it feel like being on the sea for 40 days?

Finally, here was Noah's daughter-in-law. She was asked...

Did you help Noah?

What did you do when they were building the boat?

How did you feel when the dove didn't come back?

Did you get food in the boat?

What did it feel like going back to land?

RE - Compassion

We have started looking at our Christian value for this term 'Compassion'. We talked about what this might mean and then wrote our own definitions to create a heart shape.


Overall, in year 3 we decided compassion is when somebody feels very strongly about something or someone they are willing to help them to change to become better or have a better lifestyle.

Christmas Treats

As the Year 3 children have worked so hard this term, they were given a treat to make...edible Christmas trees! With some help the mixture was made, and the children created their own shapes by filling cones with rice crispies and chocolate. Once left to harden in the fridge, they were then decorated. They looked so good that we even made one for Mrs Sembi and surprised her with it! 

RE - Dreidel game

Today we learnt how to play a Jewish game called Dreidel. This is played during Hannukah and it is a traditional game. We drew Jewish letters on our dreidels which are a bit like spinning tops and when landed on a letter, we had to perform an action. To make it more interesting, we used coins and cards to put a twist on the game mathematically. Here are some of our pictures when we were playing our game!


Letters on the dreidel...

RE - Hanukkah

Today we had a parent visit our class and talk to us about Hanukkah. We didn't know much about it, but by the end we had a pretty good idea about why it is celebrated in the Jewish religion. 


The candles are lit to remind the Jewish faith about the only jug of oil that was left in the ruined temple, after the battle between the Israelites and the Greeks a long long time ago. 


Some the questions that were asked afterwards were;

"What do the candles represent?"

"Why were there so many animals in the battle?"

"Where did the battle take place?"

"Why is there a middle candle?"


Here are some of the candles...
..the candles are being lit after a special prayer
We also made spinning tops out of wood and decorated the tops and bottoms. When they were spun, it created an optical illusion for our eyes!

Snowman homework!

As part of our snowman theme, we had homework to make a snowman. We could make it however we wanted, and when they arrived into the classroom, every single one was AMAZING! There were models, pictures, snowmen pizzas and biscuits! They have been put all around our classroom which now feels very Chrismassy! 

Science - Dissolving

We have looked at dissolving in Science. We have been thinking about what solids, liquids and gases are, what the words solute, solvent and solution mean, and identifying these too. In year 3 we conducted an experiment to see which solids would dissolve and in what conditions. Here are some of our pictures!

What has arrived in Year 3?

Can you guess what has happened to the classroom Friday afternoon when all the year 3 children went home?

ART - Perspectives

Linking into The Snowman theme, Miss Dosanjh showed us how we can use a picture of a snowman to draw it looking from different angles. We got shown how to tilt the paper, how to look at an object from a different angle and then we had a go at drawing our own. The rubbers were BANNED from the classroom for this lesson, as we practised our sketching skills, and then went over our best lines using more pressure on the pencil.They were brilliant and each one was unique and different!  (We even used glitter for the snow to give it a special effect!)


English - The Snowman

Soon it will be Christmas, and we have been exploring the story, The Snowman. As it is a wordless video that is put onto the televisions during Christmas time, we have been writing our own play scripts using a scene we have watched. We thought about stage directions, narrations, titles and scenes!

Remembrance Day

Today we thought of those who fought in the wars. We looked at old pictures and why people use poppies to remember those who have sadly died. We then looked at using techniques tearing and overlapping, to create our own poppy pictures. Here are some of our examples. 

RE - Perseverance

We have been looking at our new Christian Value; perseverance. We looked at video clips from the film Finding Nemo, and thought of who was persevering and why. We then thought of positive messages we could give to one another to help them persevere at school. Here is our class display!


Today in Year 3 we looked at why people in India and people here in England wear bindis. Some people wear them for special events likes parties and weddings, and others wear them as part of daily life. We went on the computers for the afternoon to create our own bindis using a programme. We created different sized circles, and layered them on top of each other to create the bindi effect. Here are some of our examples.


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at play scripts. We have identified features, performed play scripts in guided reading as well as having a go at writing our own, to go alongside the Diwali story we have studied. We have written a draft and written a final version too! Here is an example...

Geography - Peacocks

As part of our India topic, we decided to look at peacocks which are found in India. We used a few websites to collect information and then wrote facts. Some of these were really interesting!


Peacocks are actually the name for males...

Females are called peahens...

Babies are called peachicks!

The name for a group of these is called peafowl.


Females have brown and darker coloured feathers to camouflage themselves to hide from predators...

Males are the ones with the colourful feathers...

Some Hindus believe that the eyes on the feathers are the Gods watching them!


Miss Dosanjh let us make a peacock feather each. Here we are concentrating and cutting carefully...


This is what we made with our feathers altogether!

Maths Multiplication!

We have started looking at multiplication and division. Miss Dosanjh set us a challenge to show 1 calculation in different ways using the wonderful maths equipment we have! Here is what we came up with...


This week was Diwali. We have been learning about the Sikh story - prisoner release day, which involves the 6th Guru and 52 kings. As part of Diwali, we read the story in the dark with lighted divas! Then we made divas and 52 tags for our display which shows the Guru with his cloak. 

The story in the dark...
Here we are making salt dough for the divas!
We had a go at mixing...
Look what we made with them all...
A trail of divas!
Here is our wonderful Bandi Chor Divas display!


Today in PE we were making letters from our name using our whole bodies. Can you guess what the letters are?

Adding and subtracting money practically

We have been adding and subtracting money using different equipment. We even put our answers in a part, part whole model!


This week we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Miss Dosanjh explained what these were and then we spotted examples in a video. We went outside to look at 2 different experiments. 

This one was mixing sand and water and separating them out again. We thought this was a reversible change.
This experiment was burning a special type of paper called flash paper. This was definitely an irreversible change because it disappeared!


We have had so much fun learning about Ancient Greeks this term. We held a Greek Day in our class where we did lots of activities throughout the day. Here are our Greek costumes!

Miss Dosanjh wrote secret messages using the Greek alphabet, and we had to decode them to find the English words. It was really tricky!
After break time we split into three groups to practise acting out 3 Greek myths; Icarus and Daedalus, Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora's Box. We performed these to the rest of the class and concentrated on speech, dramatic acting and narration. 
The acting made us we started to prepare food for our feast in the afternoon! We concentrated on our cutting skills and following instructions carefully.
After lunch, Miss Dosanjh made us work for our feast! We talked about the Olympics in Ancient Greek times and why they performed this every 4 years. We remembered the types of sports they started off with, and how these have been added to, over the years. We used a baton which was brought in as a prop and added fire flames to it for our own Olympic relay race! We also took part in discus and some of ours travelled half way across the field!
When we came back inside it was time for our feast! We cut cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks while some of us made humus, salsa and a yogurt, cucumber and mint sauce. The adults cooked us potato wedges in the oven and we had tortilla chips too! Here are our pictures from the feast.

We all learnt so much from one day of being Greeks!

Oh not forgetting...we kept finding Medusa's snakes around the school, and had to prop them back in her hair! What a fantastic day!

Salvation Army visit

As part of our Harvest assembly, we are going to be giving our donations to The Salvation Army. They popped in to see us one afternoon and told us fascinating facts about their charity. We also got to ask them some questions too.


"Which country did it start from?"

"How does the food get delivered?"

"What countries do you go to?"

"When did they start The Salvation Army?"

"How much food do you get from shops?"

"How many of their are you helping?"


Here are the facts they told us...

  • They've been to a lot of countries
  • They help people around the world
  • 370 boxes of mince pies were delivered to them because the cling film wrapping was broken around the crates
  • It all started in Nottingham
  • 70 boxes of tomato sauce were going to be thrown away because of 2 bottles that had split open
  • The Salvation Army covers 129 countries
  • William Booth was the founder of The Salvation Army
  • They went to visit his great-grandson the other day who is still alive and lives in Leicester
  • At his house they saw a clock from William Booth that was 150 years old...AS OLD AS OUR SCHOOL!


Greek Masks

We learnt that as part of the Greek culture, people used to tell each other stories and perform a lot of drama using masks. We looked at pictures of masks and the detail that was on them. Some of us spotted that a lot of Greek masks had expression on them. We designed our masks, made them and then painted them.


Can you spot who is who underneath the masks?

Ancient Greeks - Pandora's Box

As part of this topic, we have looked at a lot of different myths. One of these was Pandora's Box. We wrote a persuasive piece of writing to convince the reader whether Pandora should or should not open the box. We made our own Pandora boxes and wrote about what we would like to put in.


"I would like to put in a hair from Zeus' beard."

I would put in the box Posiedon's trident and Medusa's snake from her hair."

Roald Dahl Day!

Today we were all so excited to dress up as Roald Dahl characters, to celebrate and mark 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl. Here are some of our costumes!

We also had a go at drawing the BFG just like the author Quentin Blake, who illustrated Roald Dahl's books. We had to listen carefully and follow the instructions. Here are some of our drawings.

Athens vs Sparta

Our topic for this half term is all about the Ancient Greeks! We have been detectives and researched a lot about the lifestyle and culture. We have also looked at the main city states and decided Athens and Sparta were the most important. Miss Dosanjh put us into teams and after learning the facts, we had to debate and persuade her to come and join our side!

Science - Floating and Sinking experiment

As part of our Science topic, we planned and conducted our own experiments. We discussed and predicted which things would float and sink and why. Then we carried out our experiments and recorded our results. Some of use drew diagrams, and others did different types of charts.

RE - Christianity

We have been looking at how Christians show their faith. We had some objects in the middle and had to sort them into important and not important. Then we looked at the important objects and discussed how Christians would use these in their daily life. 


"They would use the cross to think about Jesus on the cross."

"The Bible...people can read stories."

"The cross...they can talk to Jesus if they feel sad or upset."

"Church notice...this would be good so people know when things are happening."

Ancient Greeks

Over the holidays Year 3 were sent a research project to find out about Ancient Greeks as this is our topic for this half-term. After the holidays the children came back with fantastic and creative ideas! We had models to stories...fact pages to drawings...alphabet practise and  more! Look at some of our amazing homework on display!