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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2017/18


This page is a timeline of progress over the year in Year 3 at St Luke's. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy looking at year 3!



Important information and dates:

  • Monday - PE, please remove earrings and have kit suitable for indoor and outdoor. 
  • Tuesday - Homework due. 
  • Wednesday- PE. Spelling test. 
  • Thursday - Times tables test. Homework given.


Please look in the back of your books to find your spelling results. 


Times table test scores are recorded on the inside page of homework books. If you achieved over 9/12 you move onto the next level. If you scored below 9/12 you are given an additional week to learn. 

Bronze - Tables in order. 

Silver- Tables random order.

Gold - related division facts.


We have an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to speak to any of the team! 


Miss Smith

Our Learning Journey! 

We have been learning lots about shapes in Maths! We have been finding it tricky to remember information about the different properties for 3D shapes. We found a very catchy song to help us remember and decided we could write our own. Take a look at our efforts below! We wrote them in just 40 minutes. 

The 3D Shape Rap By Anja, Tilly, Zeshan and Emmanuel

Still image for this video

Shapes YEAH By Ava, Isabelle S, Mia and Abhi

Still image for this video

Shapes are Amazing by Amaan, Blossom, Sophia and Harvee

Still image for this video

Cool 3D Shapes By Kirsty, Owen, Charlie and Jack

Still image for this video

Cakes and Shapes by Jeevan, Isabelle R, Ryan, Elysia and Luca

Still image for this video

Amazing Shapes By Jenna, Shaan Muhammad-Zain and Lydia

Still image for this video

3D Shapes By Megan, Junior, Olley and Kimberley

Still image for this video

3D Shapes are Great By Melanija, Noah, Joshua and Jake

Still image for this video

Our Royal Day

We had a wonderful day in anticipation of the royal wedding tomorrow. We made our very own royal crowns, we did a Royal themed Maths challenge (Congratulations to Owen, Ryan, Jake and Theo who were our winners). Our afternoon was filled with lots of Royal Wedding themed craft activities. During our golden time on the field we finally released our beautiful butterflies. Shaan and Miss Smith were lucky enough to have one land on them!

Look what has happened! We now have 5 healthy beautiful butterflies. It has been so special to see this process right in front of our eyes in the classroom! Do not worry about the red liquid! It is called meconium. This is a completely natural occurrence. Meconium is the leftover part of the caterpillar that was not needed to make the butterfly. This is stored in the intestine of the butterfly and expelled after the butterfly emerges. 
In RE this week we have been talking about the baptism of Jesus. We then linked this to the Holy Trinity and looked at two pieces of artwork inspired by this. We looked carefully at them, looking at what is similar and different. Next, we looked at how each painting represented God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Miss Smith then told us we are going to create our own piece of artwork inspired by the Baptism of Jesus and including aspects of the Holy Trinity. We chose how we would like to represent this out of oil pastels, paints, shading, colouring pencils and crayons. Take a look at our artwork below!

Look how we have grown!

Still image for this video

Meet the newest members of Year 3!

Still image for this video

Welcome to Summer term! Today we started our new Maths Topic- Fractions! Here we are playing a pairs matching game finding fractions and representation of them. 


Here is a list, from the National Curriculum, of what Year 3 will cover for Fractions this term. 

Our fantastic Easter Gardens

Art Focus preparations have started in Year 3! We are very inspired by our painting 'Sisters' by Igor Mudrov. Some of you have asked me to display some of the rain inspired work by Igor Mudrov to try some sketching at home. I have displayed them below! 

Fitness in Schools


Thank you to all who sponsored us to take part in Fitness in Schools, money raised will go to LOROS.  

We enjoyed our Cinderella Panto, but DONT ask Miss Smith about her dancing!

Here we are trying out some new dodgeball skills!

We have been learning about changing our mindset today! We talked about what it’s like to have a fixed mindset means, and how we can change this to a growth mindset.


Instead of  ‘I’m not good at this’ try ‘I can’t do this... yet’

Instead of ‘I give up’ try ‘I’ll use some strategies I have learnt.’  


We we then had a boogie to Bruno Mars and Sesame Street’s song ‘Don’t give up’ and created our own Growth Mindset posters. 

Take a look at our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory display! We made character wheels

Our New Years Resolutions

Christmas Jumper Day- Thank you to all that donated

For our homework this week we were asked to write about an adventure which we would go on with the Christmasaurus- the dinosaur from our class book. Muhammad-Zain produced a wonderful book which he has typed on the computer. He had illustrated it himself and his mum helped him sew it to form a book. All adults were very impressed, Mrs Benson gave him one of her special headteachers stickers and Miss Smith put him on the rainbow. Muhammad-Zain really stretched his creative muscles. 

We Performed 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Our Visit to the Christmas Tree Festival


We have been learning lots about advent this week! First we looked at what advent means, and looked at the advent wreath in a church. We made our own advent wreaths containing our hopes and prayers. This then lead us into advent calendars. We compared a traditional, christian one to ones which are themed such as chocolate or toys. Finally, on December 1st we made our own. It was very tricky! Our doors open to reveal stories, messages, pictures and even jokes!

Disney Dress Up Day for Children in Need

Remembrance Week

Miss Smith was very proud of how mature we responded to Remembrance Week. We had sensible, reflective and thought provoking conversations regarding the World Wars. Miss Smith has a collection of WW1 Postcards which inspired us to write our own letters from the point of view of a soldier. We Created poppy lanterns and 3D poppies and finally created a silhouette picture. 

I Have a Dream!

To continue with our work on Martin Luther King, we studied his world famous speech 'I Have a Dream!'. We then had a go at writing our own!

Big Buddy Workout

We took part in Buddy's Big Workout in our PE this week. This involved 45 minutes of non stop dancing, we got very tired but it was very fun! We danced to hip-hop, dance and Latin themed music to raise money for the NSPCC. Thank you to everyone who donated money, check out our moves below! 


Still image for this video

Our Harvest Assembly

On Thursday 12th October we performed our socks off for our Harvest assembly. We acted, sung and shone like the stars we are. The Church was packed with people and our harvest food donations. Miss Smith was so proud we were ALL put on the rainbow and got to enjoy popcorn and watch Hercules to conclude our Greek topic. 


I could not be more proud of you all year 3! Enjoy your half term. 



Performing Poetry.

This week we tried to improved our performance skills. Miss Smith gave us two different poems, they were tricky as they did not rhyme. We spent some time reading them and thinking about how we could change our voice to interest our audience. 


We have had some great discussions during science this term. First, we started with a floating and sinking experiment. Miss Smith was very mean and told us we had to think of our own way of recording our results- we had a whole range of ways!


This then lead us onto the idea of displacement. We explored Archimedes’ eureka moment (which we found very funny) and had a go at causing displacement ourselves. Miss Smith accidentally covered the carpet with water.. oops.  

Another fantastic week has finished, and what a fantastic one it was for learning. In English we have moved on to exploring newspaper articles, adding labels to real life examples. Miss Smith thought she would try and trick us by introducing column addition. Yet we surprised her by doing absolutely fantastic- she was amazed! Preparations for our Harvest assembly are well underway and we are excited to show it off in just two weeks time! 


Our RE unit this term is exploring how people know right from wrong. This week was interesting because we have been talking about Humanism- people who do not believe in a God and how they know right from wrong. We acted out scenarios and created our own Conscience Alley. On one side was people who said things which are good, whereas the other side said the not so good thoughts! We discussed how sometimes we do have different thoughts when faced with a dilemma. 

DT Pots

For our design unit this term we have been looking at Greek artifacts, particularly pots. We began by exploring photographs of real examples - discussing the shape, pattern and use of colour. We copied some of them into our sketchbooks. Next we carefully though about this information to design our own. We were able to make it out of clay! Finally we painted our pots using suitable colours and evaluated our work.  

Basketball WOW day



We absolutely love our Friday afternoons in the computer suite. We have been learning to code on Purple Mash. We have been able to send commands to create our own algorithms as well as debug broken code. We have also spent some time exploring some of the fun features on Purple Mash. Take a look at our Zeus mashcams, Medusa pictures using textured pens and our Olympics posters! 

Maths- Place Value

We have been working very hard in Maths! We have been exploring place value and the meaning of numbers.

Our Summer Project- Ancient Greece research!