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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Class Information & Curriculum


Children will be given a reading book suited to their ability along with a reading diary for an adult to sign and date. We encourage children to read to an adult at home at least 3 times a week. Please sign and date the diary each time you have heard your child read. They do not have to read the whole book in 1 day; a couple of pages each day is fine.


If they have read the previous evening at home, your child needs to show us their diary in the morning so that we can check and move their face on our reading chart. If your child needs their book changing, they will need to put their reading pack in the blue change box in the classroom. 


If by Friday your child has read 3 or more times including the weekends, they will receive 1 house point. We will be monitoring this throughout the year.

Library Days

Visiting the school library are on the dates shown. Your child will be given a group number which will be shown on the window of the classroom. Children will visit the library in small groups where they can spend time choosing a book to take home to share with family and carers. Please make sure this book is in your child's book bag for the next date so that it can swapped for a new book. If books aren't handed in, children will be unable to get a new book to take home. 


Group 1 - 31.08.21 and Group 2 - 02.09.21


Group 1 - 21.09.21 and Group 2 - 23.09.21


Group 1 - 12.10.21 and Group 2 - 14.10.21


Group 1 - 09.11.21 and Group 2 - 11.11.21


Group 1 - 30.11.21 and Group 2 - 02.12.21



PE will be every Wednesday and Thursday. Children need to arrive to school with their PE kits on which they will stay in for the rest of the day. Please ensure all jewellery is removed beforehand. We are unable to provide tape to cover earrings in ears. Children may miss out on their PE lessons if jewellery is left in and cannot be taken out.