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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


We would like pupils to focus on reading and spellings for their homework this term. Pupils are expected to read at least 3 times per week at home, for more information on this see our class information page. Pupils should have a login for spelling shed which allows them to practise this weeks spellings. I have also added a range of tasks to pupils favourites on Busy Things which link to this terms learning. 


What can I do at home?

Should you wish to complete any additional work at home I have outlined some ideas below which would support learning taking place in our classroom. Please not this is additional, there are no expectations of this work to be complete.  


Autumn 2

  • Add/subtract a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number below 100. This can be done by counting on, a number line, drawing base 10, place value charts, using a 100 square etc. 
  • Add/subtract a 2 digit number to a 2 digit number below 100. 
  • Add/subtract a multiple of 10 from any number below 100. 
  • Find 10 more and 10 less of numbers to 100.
  • Solve addition and subtract word problems. 
  • Research what life was like in Victorian Britain, how does this compare to now? 
  • Create a poster outlining ways in which we can keep our bodies healthy. 
  • Research a famous exploring and present your findings in an interesting way. 
  • Research how London has changed over time. 
  • Research different genres of dance. 
  • Talk to your family about what special celebrations/traditions you share together. 
  • Explore lines of symmetry. 
  • Recognise 2D and 3D shapes. 
  • Count sides/vertices on 2D shapes.
  • Count faces/edges/vertices on 3D shapes. 
  • Make patterns with shapes. 

Autumn 1

  • Count forwards and backwards from any number below 100. 
  • 2x 5x and 10x table. (If confident counting in order, try a random order). 
  • Partition the same number in different ways i.e. 44=40+4, 30+14, 20+24 etc
  • Write a letter using the correct format. 
  • Checking back your work and making improvements such as adding interesting adjectives. 
  • Extending sentences using and, or, but and because. 
  • Research your local area, what was it like in the past? How has it changed?
  • Research Thurnby Court and its impact on our village. 
  • Go on a habitat hunt, can you find any microhabitats?
  • Research a continent, what is it like to live there? How is it different to where we live?
  • Continue to improve ball skills, rolling, receiving, throwing overarm and under arm, catching and stopping a ball.