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On our page you will find a variety of things we have done over the year across all areas of learning. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy looking at Year 5!

Important Information and Days:



Spelling tests and Times table tests will take place on this day, in the afternoon. Children will then be given their new spellings and times tables to practise ready for the week after.



Homework is to be handed in before or on this day to earn 1 house point. If homework is handed in later there is no guarantee that it will get marked and given back on time.


Wednesday and Thursday

These are our PE days. Children will need to bring their PE kit into school (both indoor and outdoor) which can then be left on their pegs for the rest of the half term. Please ensure clothing is labelled with a name and jewellery is taken off including earrings and necklaces. 



New homework is handed out.



Please try and read at home at least 3 times a week. Any reading completed should be noted in their reading diary so teachers are aware. 


I have an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Year 5 team if you have any questions or concerns!


Miss Redden



English - Play Scripts

Today in English, we have started looking at play scripts. We looked at a variety of traditional story play scripts and then had a go at acting them out with our groups. 

Maths - Reach 100

Today Miss Redden set us a challenge in Maths. We had to think of 4 numbers that would make 4 2-digit numbers and when added together they equalled 100 exactly. We found this quite tricky at first but eventually just before the lesson ended, someone solved the problem!

Santa's Helpers - Class 5 Elves

Here in Class 5, the Christmas decorations have gone up and we've all transformed ourselves into Elves. 

Religious Education - Was Jesus the Messiah?

In RE, we have been looking at incarnation and trying to answer the question 'Is Jesus the Messiah?' After lots of research over the weeks we have decided that this is what Christians believe because Jesus had so many good qualities. Today we wrote a news report claiming Jesus was the Messiah and what we think happened.

English - Narnia

As part of our English, we have started reading our new book 'The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe'. From reading the first chapter we have discovered Lucy finds a new world called Narnia by entering through a wardrobe. In our Big Write today we had to change the setting to something different, giving our own twist to the story. Some of us imagined Lucy would end up in a desert or a tropical beach. Have a read of some of our writing to see where Lucy ends up...

Topic - Come and Join the Celebration

This week we have started our new topic, which gives us the opportunity to look at lots of different celebrations around the world. As part of our homework, we had to research different celebrations and what Christmas is like in Brazil compared to England. Here is what we created.

Dance Workshop

This week a few of us had the opportunity to attend South Wigston High School for a dance workshop. Here the GCSE students taught us a dance and then we performed it to each other. It was a little different to dance lessons we normally have as it was based on a contemporary style of dance.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been learning about Bullying and what we can do to help stop it. At the end of the week, each class had to present to the rest of the school what they had learnt. We decided to get the message across by creating a video showing different kinds of bullying and this is what we did. We hope you enjoy!

Cadburys World

To complete our pupil-voice project 'Chocolate', we visited Cadbury World to deepen our knowledge about how chocolate is made, where it comes from and they create a chocolate bean into a bar! We had a fantastic day and lots of free chocolate on the way around. We also took part in an interactive workshop which explained more about the process of bean to bar.

Pom Pom Treat - Baking Cupcakes

Today, we have baked our own cupcakes. Over the past few weeks, we have had to collect 37 pom poms to be rewarded with a treat. We chose to make cupcakes! Here are some pictures of us mixing and decorating them!

Maths - Factors

This week we have moved onto the unit 'Multiplication and Division'. Today, we have been focusing on understanding what factors are and how to find them. We used counters to help us create different arrays for different numbers. We found that some numbers have more than one different array pattern, which means they have more than 2 factors. Some of us also came and presented how to find different factors to the rest of the class.

Art - Bonfire Night

As today was the 5th of November, we recapped the story of Guy Fawkes. We looked at why we celebrate Bonfire Night and why we have fireworks. In art, we created fireworks pictures using chalk pastels and oil pastels. We had to create the image of fireworks exploding over a river or lake and had to think carefully about the reflection of the fireworks. We also tried creating different firework shapes.

English - Story Writing

Today we English, we re-wrote a part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We looked at different ways to create effective sentences just like Roald Dahl does. We focussed on different aspects of grammar and sentence structure to create tense and suspension in our stories. Here is some of our work...

Geography - Aztecs

Today, we researched where chocolate originally came from. As some of us found from our homework task, chocolate was discovered from a group of people called the Aztecs. We also wanted to find out where in the world cocoa trees are grown. From our research, we found countries such as West Africa, South-East Asia and South America were all well known for growing these. Using atlases and maps, we discovered where those countries were in the world and researched the climate and living conditions for the people that worked there.

English - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As our topic is focussed around chocolate, we have started our new book in English. For the next few weeks, all of our work will be based around 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Today, we designed our own chocolate bar and had to think of persuasive language to encourage Mr Wonka to buy our bar and start producing it in his factory. Here are some of our ideas we came up with. 

Collective Worship - Creativity

Our school value that we are focusing on this half term is 'Creativity'. We discussed as a class what creativity means to us and how the word links to God's creation. After, we listened to the story 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds. We discovered from this story that anything you create can become a piece of art and there is no right or wrong way with art. We took the idea of a 'dot' from the story and showed how creative we can be. Our task was to create a picture just from a dot! We found it tricky at first but once we realised all we had to use was our imagination, we created some great art work. 


All children are back after half term ready and raring to go with out new topic 'Chocolate'. This topic was a 'pupil-voice' project where the children chose their own mini topic. They were so intrigued by chocolate that they wanted to focus their learning on it. For homework over half-term, the children were set a task to research some information about Chocolate and this is what they found...

Design Technology - Bread Making

As we have been learning all about different materials and what happens to substances when they are mixed together, we created our own bread. Before we made it, we had to design our own bread. We were allowed to add any extra ingredient and shape it to it to make it unique. Some of us choose fruits, chocolate chips, olives, cheese and raisins. We had to follow instructions carefully in order to make it and mix the ingredients carefully. We learnt how the yeast reacts to the other substances and why it is important to prove bread before baking. 

Art - Matisse bowls

To finish off our art unit and looking at the artist 'Henri Matisse', we created some bowls inspired by his work. We decided to use shapes and contrasting colours to make them. We cut out our shapes using coloured paper (just like Matisse would) and then glue them onto a balloon. We had to make sure that our shapes overlapped each other otherwise they wouldn't hold together. Once the glue had dried, we popped the balloon and our bowls were still stood in the same shape. 

Harvest - Open Hands

Today we went to St Luke's church to celebrate Harvest. Year 3 presented a story to us about why we celebrate Harvest and the rest of the school joined in to sing the songs. We really liked signing the songs as it reminds us about why we celebrate food that God gave us and it makes us think about why we need to help other people in need, as some are not as lucky as we are. The charity we decided to support this year was Open Hands. We made sure that we filled our charity bins right to the top with food to help those in need. 

Playground Leaders - Training

As part of Year 5, we have the opportunity to become Playground Leaders. This means we have the responsibility of organising activities for the Key Stage one children during play times. In order to become a Playground Leader, we had to fill in an application form to show how determined we are and what we can bring to the team. 22 of us got chosen to become a Playground Leader and today we had our training session, ready to start next week. This is us planning our activities and working in teams.

English - Evaluating Instructions

In English, we have started looking at instructions. This week we are evaluating and learning how to write the perfect instructions. Today, we had to follow a set of instructions to make 'Pizza Witch Fingers'. We worked in groups to follow the instructions step by step. Once we had followed the instructions to make the 'Witches Fingers', we then had to evaluate the instructions saying what was good about them and how they could be improved. Once they were cooked, we got to take them home and EAT them. They were delicious!

Science - Separating the Witches' potion!

In Science today, the Grand High Witch had sent us a potion to separate. We had to think about the different methods of separating in order to get it right. First we had to think of the steps (our plan) and then we tried it to see if it worked!

Art - Matisse Collage

Today in Art, we have created our own collage just like Matisse did. We planned it in our sketch books first, thinking about contrasting and shapes. Then we 'drew with scissors' by cutting out the shapes using the correct coloured paper. After we arranged them onto some paper making sure some shapes over lapped to create effect.

Golden Time - Slimeeeeee

For our golden time this week, we wanted to link it to our topic 'Abracadabra' by mixing substances to create a new solution. Our idea was to make some slime! From a lot trial and error, we discovered the correct amounts of each substance to add together in order to create the perfect slime. Some of us added glitter and colouring too! We loved this afternoon and even got to take our slime home.

Maths - Place Value

We have been focussing on place value this past few weeks, looking at numbers all the way up to 1,000,000. We have explored many ways of how numbers can be represented using different diagrams or resources. Today we compared and ordered numbers in ascending or descending order. Some of us had some very challenging numbers to order!

Science - Soluble or Insoluble

Today in Science, we investigated whether some materials were soluble (materials that dissolve) or insoluble (materials that do not dissolve). We used hot water to test if sugar, sand, salt, oil or flour dissolved in water when they were mixed together. We had to make sure we were conducting a fair test so we used thermometers to make sure the water was the same temperature each time. Some of us were very surprised with the results!

Art - Henri Matisse

We are focussing our art work on the artist Henri Matisse. Today we looked at what kind of art work Matisse created and how he did it. We found it very interesting that he used contrasting colours in his collage work so we created our own colour wheels by mixing primary and secondary colours. We will use these in the next few weeks to help us create our own collage work just like Matisse did.

English - The Witches

This half-term we are focussing on the story 'The Witches' written by Roald Dahl. This week we have looked at writing descriptions about some of the main characters. We have explored using higher level vocabulary, descriptive language and sentence structure to make our writing much more interesting. Miss Redden was really impressed with our attention to detail in order to capture the reader. 

Collective Worship - Trust

This half-term our Christian Value is Trust. We talked about what we thought Trust was and then took part in an activity where we had to walk our partner around an obstacle course BLINDFOLDED. Our partner had to trust us to take care of them and walk them around safely - some of us found this really tricky!

Setting our goals

On our first day back at school we thought carefully about what we would like to achieve in Year 5. We used the technique called SMART to write our goal. It had to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and it had to be done in Time. Her are some of our goals...


The Year 5 children have come back to school ready to learn and what fantastic homework we have received already!