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Homework will not be provided to take home, complete and bring back to school. Instead, we will be setting online home tasks through various forms such as PurpleMash, Youtube videos, online games, etc. Details of these tasks will be listed below. Where possible we will mark what we have access to. We do expect homework to be completed on time so that children can progress with their learning. If you find accessing home learning difficult, please come and see me.


Homework will be listed below with the most recent at the top.



Please log onto your Purple Mash account and complete your To Do 'Maths Homework'.

You will need to write your answers down, along with any working out and then take a picture of your work. Please upload your answers back onto purple mash or send it to our class email.

Please complete by 27.09.21

Class email:


Please use the link below to log into your Purple Mash account. You need to complete your game design that we started in our ICT lesson. Remember, your game needs to have a points system and to include a countdown. If you have forgotten how create controls for your game, please ask me or have a look back at 'Splatty Bug' on Purple Mash.

Please complete by 20.09.21