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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page!

Welcome to Year 4's Class Page. We hope you will enjoy finding out about our learning and all the exciting things Year 4 gets up to! We will put our most recent posts first, so please make sure that you scroll down in order not to miss anything.

Weekly Routines

PE – Wednesday and Friday afternoons

Homework – will be given out on a Wednesday and expected to be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Spellings – every Monday. Please make sure your child has their spelling book available.

Mental Maths/Times Tables Tests – every other Thursday.

Reading Diaries – Please make sure you sign your child’s reading diary in order for them to change their reading book. 

Library Books - will be changed every Monday afternoon.


We are a friendly bunch - so if you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Mrs Padam, Mrs Greer and Mrs Drewitt


Please be aware that Year 4 will departing from the Rose & Crown car park for their residential to Brancaster Activity Centre on the 26th June at 9am.

Staff will be ready to meet your children by the coach from 8:50 am.

Year 4 Class Assembly is going to be on the 3rd July 2:45pm. All parents welcome.

Brancaster videos

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Still image for this video

Residential visit to Brancaster Activity Centre

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Brancaster Activity Centre. They learnt about the seaside environment and took part in many exciting activities. Crabbing, sailing, raft building and coastal safari were the favourites. Some children mentioned that they had never experienced crabbing before and loved the new challenges they participated in.

Easter nests

As a treat before breaking off before Easter, children made their own Easter nests to enjoy and take home to share with their families. Year 4 have reflected carefully about all the events at Easter and why this celebration is so significant for Christians all around the world. 

Motte and Bailey castles

Year 4 have been learning all about the Normans and the Norman invasion of Britain. They have explored what happened at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, delving into the different battle strategies of the two opponents. The building of Motte and Bailey castles was a way to ensure power was established for the Normans across Britain. Children have been learning about their unique design and architecture. Good work Year 4!

Poetry Day

On Tuesday 22nd January the whole school had a visit from Alex McGowan who works for Leicestershire Library Services. He came to inspire us all about poetry and to teach us some valuable tips about performing poetry to an audience. It was really fun, especially doing the poetry train!

This week, as part of Advent and leading up to Christmas, Year 4 have been learning all about the Christian tradition called Christingle. Each part of the fruit and decorations have a significant symbol in Christianity; the orange represents the world; the four sticks represent the four compass points and the seasons; the sweets and raisins represents the harvest God has given us; the candle represents Jesus as light of the world and finally the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus. As you can see, the children really enjoyed making their own Christingles!

Anti-bullying week

As part of a national initiative, year 4 have been doing some wonderful work on Anti-Bullying. They've thought about different scenarios and when someone might be bullied. They have made friendship clouds for each other as part of showing empathy. Finally, they came to school with different coloured socks to demonstrate our uniqueness. 

Remembrance Assembly

Friday 9th November, year 4 delivered a thoughtful and reflective assembly for Remembrance Day; they sang, recited poetry and explained the significance of the centenary. We were delighted with their performance and parents who watched conveyed the same message. At 11 o' clock, year 4 joined the rest of the school outside, in two minutes silence in remembering those who laid down their lives for us. The year 4's read some of their poems and prayers were said.

History came to life with Viking Day!


Year 4 had an amazing day of delving into history by dressing up as Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and learning all about key aspects from this era. Firstly they had a debate at a ‘Thing’ which was an early form of parliament. They wrote some excellent speeches and later performed them in front of the class. Children made Anglo-Saxon jewellery and even baked some very heavy Viking bread! Throughout the day children did a range of Viking related activities that enhanced their learning experiences. Thank you to all Year 4 parents for supporting our day by providing such brilliant costumes.

Read our Viking narratives!

PHSE - Developing perseverance

Year 4 have been thinking about one of our key characteristics in the 'Route to Resilience' scheme which is 'Perseverance' and reflecting on what it means. Children tried to balance a spoon on their nose, showing real resilience and perseverance by not giving up! They also wrote some very thoughtful notes on what perseverance mean to them. 

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Art

For the past few weeks, children have been learning about invaders and settlers of Britain; hence the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. We have started to explore some of their art and culture; making Roman mosaics and designing Anglo-Saxon shields. More artwork to come, which will be displayed!

RE-An introduction to Hinduism

Year 4 have been introduced to the main features of Hindu worship by learning about what happens inside a Mandir (Hindu Temple).