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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Class Information/Letters


Reading is a part of Year 2 homework, and your child must read the book given to them twice to develop fluency, practise their reading comprehension using the questions given in the book and recognise trickier words easily the next time they see it. Please date and sign your child’s diary every time you hear them read. Please remind them to put their reading pack in the box in the mornings, so that we can check the diary, move their face on our chart each time they have read and/or change the book. Children do not need to finish their book in 1 day; they can read a few pages every night. If by Friday your child has been heard read 3 or more times in the week, they will receive 1 house point. We will monitor reading at home and will be reading with children during school time.  



Children will have the opportunity to visit the school library and borrow books every Tuesday. 


PE - Tuesday and Wednesday 

Children must wear full PE uniform to participate in PE lessons at school.


Wearing appropriate PE kit to school ensures the children look smart together, feel part of a team and that everyone is seen as equal. For children to participate in PE lessons, they will need to wear the standard school PE uniform of a plain white t-shirt and plain dark tracksuits and/or shorts. Please ensure that the clothing children wear is not branded with any logos or designs. Facilitating this will ensure that children have equity with their friends and peers.


Please make sure earrings are removed for health and safety reasons, along with ensuring all uniforms are named to avoid lost clothes.


Please ensure your child brings a book bag and water bottle into school.

Rucksacks or backpacks can lead to trips and falls as we do not have lots of space in the cloakroom. If possible, please use a bookbag, children have their own labelled drawer which is a perfect size for one.



As mentioned, reading is part of this year’s homework along with weekly spellings. Children will need to practise spellings weekly which will be set in a few weeks once they have settled into their new routine. Your child will receive a spelling book with their spellings listed and the quiz date will be on a Friday. Please do not use the book to practise in. Your child will also have a login to a website called Spelling Shed. There are various games on there to help your child learn in an alternative way if you prefer. 


If you require further homework, our homework page will have objectives listed in the homework section which will provide some ideas of things you can do with your child at home to help cover skills taught in the classroom. I do not provide worksheets for children as practical games and interaction/talking with adults benefit children more at this age.