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‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where
roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8:4-15

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


Geography Debate
Is Renewable Energy changing our world for the better?

Y5 Play Leaders

Ten children from year 5 were trained today on how to lead playtime games and activities for KS1 children. 

Joe Wicks Pudsey workout

After our school photos, we got changed and worked out with Joe Wicks for Children in Need. It was exhausting!

Tennis Taster with George

We had a great morning with George learning some tennis skills. It was a great way to escape the rainy weather. 

Bridge Building Day

Year 5 were very lucky to have a special guest visit for the day, to help with their bridge building project. Thank you Mr. Cheyney, we had the best day! Make sure you scroll down to see everything that we did.

Tested until destruction…
We gradually added weights to each bridge until it collapsed! All the bridges carried at least 1000g, and the winning bridge supported 1900g! It was very tense! There were prizes for the top team in each category. 


Ready to Test!

Our bridges were tested on a specially built structure with a 45cm gap. The bridges also had to accommodate the lorry with an additional 500g weight. 

Our Champion Teams!
Our champion teams with their completed bridges. Each team’s bridge fulfilled the specification criteria. What a result!

Building Begins

We brought our plans to life and adapted them when we needed to. We used art straws of two different sizes and masking tape. We used what we had learned about different types of trusses, including warren, Pratt and lattice. 

Technical drawings and planning our designs…

Year 5 learnt how to level up their diagrams by drawing their designs from different perspectives and adding on useful details.

Introducing the scenario

We had to design and build a bridge that could be used in an emergency, such as an earthquake to help transport people and goods where they are needed. The bridge had to support 500g, span a 45cm gap, allow the lorry to pass through and be as efficient to build as possible. 

DT- Bridge Building

Year 5 have started their Bridge Building unit in DT. They have been making warren trusses using art straws..

We will remember them

Remembrance Day 

Our finished poppy wreath for Remembrance Day on Friday. 

Making our Poppy Wreath

We had a great time making our poppy wreath out of egg boxes. 

Geography- Renewable Energy


in Geography we have been looking at renewable energy and have investigated where would be the best location at St. Luke’s for a wind turbine. We built an anemometer using cups, rods and straws to find the windiest spot.