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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page!

Welcome to Year 4's Class Page. We hope you will enjoy finding out about our learning and all the exciting things Year 4 gets up to! We will put our most recent posts first, so please make sure that you scroll down in order not to miss anything.

Weekly Routines

PE – Wednesday and Friday afternoons

Homework – will be given out on a Wednesday and expected to be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Spellings – every Monday. Please make sure your child has their spelling book available.

Mental Maths/Times Tables Tests – every other Thursday.

Reading Diaries – Please make sure you sign your child’s reading diary in order for them to change their reading book. 

Library Books - will be changed every Monday afternoon.


We are a friendly bunch - so if you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Mrs Padam, Mrs Greer and Mrs Drewitt


History came to life with Viking Day!


Year 4 had an amazing day of delving into history by dressing up as Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and learning all about key aspects from this era. Firstly they had a debate at a ‘Thing’ which was an early form of parliament. They wrote some excellent speeches and later performed them in front of the class. Children made Anglo-Saxon jewellery and even baked some very heavy Viking bread! Throughout the day children did a range of Viking related activities that enhanced their learning experiences. Thank you to all Year 4 parents for supporting our day by providing such brilliant costumes.

Read our Viking narratives!

PHSE - Developing perseverance

Year 4 have been thinking about one of our key characteristics in the 'Route to Resilience' scheme which is 'Perseverance' and reflecting on what it means. Children tried to balance a spoon on their nose, showing real resilience and perseverance by not giving up! They also wrote some very thoughtful notes on what perseverance mean to them. 

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Art

For the past few weeks, children have been learning about invaders and settlers of Britain; hence the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. We have started to explore some of their art and culture; making Roman mosaics and designing Anglo-Saxon shields. More artwork to come, which will be displayed!

RE-An introduction to Hinduism

Year 4 have been introduced to the main features of Hindu worship by learning about what happens inside a Mandir (Hindu Temple).