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Welcome to Year 3 2018/19


This page is a timeline of progress over the year in Year 3 at St Luke's. The newest posts will be published at the top so please make sure you scroll down so you don't miss a thing!

We hope you enjoy looking at our page.

Important information and dates:



please remove earrings and have kit suitable for indoor and outdoor. 


Homework due. New Homework Given

If the homework is completed on time children will have the opportunity to play our 'homeworkopoly' game and get a chance to complete challenges and earn prizes! 

Times tables test.

Times table test scores are recorded on the inside page of homework books. If you achieved over 9/12 you move onto the next level. If you scored below 9/12 you are given an additional week to learn. Ideas on how to practise were given to you in a pack at the start of the year.


Bronze - Tables in order. 

Silver- Tables random order.

Gold - related division facts.



please remove earrings and have kit suitable for indoor and outdoor. 

Spelling test. 

Please look in the back of your books to find your spelling results. Children will be tested on words based around the Year 3/4 spelling list and the Year 3/4 spelling rules. 




Please try to read at home 3 times a week. Any reading complete should be noted in the reading diary so we are aware. Ideas on questions to ask your child as they read were provided in a pack at the start of the year. 



I have an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Year 3 team! 


Miss Smith

Greek Day 

Can I start by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who provided such creative, amazing costumes for our 2018 Greek day. Also thank you to everyone who contributed money to pay for our cooking ingredients. we started the day by showing off our fantastic outfits! 



Picture 1
We started preparations for our Greek feast. We made our own salsa, tzatziki and hummus. We prepared pitta bread, carrots and cucumber to dip into them, it was yummy! We all had a go chopping the ingredient using different chopping techniques. 

Next, Miss Smith split us into 5 groups. We were given a city which we would represent for the Greek Olympic games. Throughout the day we competed in different games in order to win rosettes for our city. 


First, we needed to come up with a flag and chant for our city. 

Our Chant

Still image for this video

Some more Chanting

Still image for this video

Next we needed to start to earn our rosettes. Some of our games included...


-Boxing- (Kim's game) each city was shown a box full of 20 different items for only 10 seconds. The city which remembered most items earned the boxing rosette. 


-Art appreciation- One member of each team must draw three Greek related things on the board. The team who guessed them the quickest earned the art appreciation rosette. 


-Cooking skills- the team which used the best skills while cooking. 


-Olympic tongue twisters- Each team nominated one person to say a tongue twister as quick as they could three times. The fastest time earned the Olympic tongue twister rosette. 


Teams could also win rosettes for things such kindness, listening, creativity, perseverance, courage and team work. 

Olympic Tongue Twisters

Still image for this video

Olympic Tongue Twisters

Still image for this video

Olympic Tongue Twister

Still image for this video

Our flags with our final results... Can you believe all teams have 3 rosettes!? Everybody wins!

Harvest Assembly 

Today Year 3 performed their harvest assembly in the church, and it was AMAZING. Everyone in the class did their absolute best and did not even need any help from Miss Smith. She is very proud of them from her little rabbit hole next to the stage! Year 3 are going to watch Hercules and have a Greek day to celebrate. Thank you to everyone who made it a success and for their kind donations to Open Hands. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

Pandora's Box

Today we looked at the myth of Pandora's Box. We created our own boxes and wrote down everything we would put inside, we had some very creative ideas such as the hissing snakes from Medusa's hair and the fury of Zeus! Next we wrote a letter to Pandora why she should NOT open our boxes. We included paragraphs and rhetorical questions.  Congratulations to Jowita and Lucy - their hard work and creativity meant they were put onto the rainbow! 


Greek Pots

This week we have been creating our own Greek inspired pots. First we looked at real examples of pots and had a go at sketching them in our sketchbooks. Using our favourite features, we created our own final design.


We then drew the outline of our final design on A3 paper and filled it all with complimenting shades of oil pastels. This was hard work! We thought Miss Smith was crazy when she told us to paint over the whole thing with black acrylic paint. 


The following day we scratched our design into the paint, this revealed the colours below, we were very impressed. We are so proud of our final designs. Some are even on display in the corridor for the whole school to see! 

Athens vs Sparta Debate 

After an afternoon of research we had a debate, or as we liked to call it 'an organised argument'. Half of us represented Sparta, half Athens. We discussed topics such as geography, leadership, money, trade, food, life for boys, life for girls and education. We took turns well and responded to each others points. In the end Miss Smith just couldn't make up her mind who was best!

Picture 1

Debate 1

Still image for this video

Debate 2

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RE - The Ten Commandments 

This week we have explored the Ten Commandments, Miss Smith gave us a tricky task to order them into a diamond nine, choosing one to get rid of! We found it very tricky!

Take a look at our Greek homework challenge!

Stretch Those Brains!

We have been learning about our brains in Year 3. We found out that our brains have billions of tiny neurons. Learning something new causes the brain to grow more connections among neurons (neuroplasticity). The brain stretches and makes more room to learn new things and face new challenges. We thought about ways we use our brain and how we can challenge ourselves to get more and more of those connections! 


These videos help you to understand a little better...


Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron


The Mysterious World of Neurons

Our First Activity as a class

After our welcome assembly and tour of our new area we was set our first task by Miss Smith. She reminded us of our school golden rules...


Work Hard

Respect People and Property 

Follow instructions from adults

Ignore distractions 

Be Honest


We then brainstormed in groups what this may look like in our school, and how we can make sure we are always trying our best. Take a look at our ideas!