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Look! We have grown cress!

Look! We have grown cress! 1
Look! We have grown cress! 2
Look! We have grown cress! 3
Look! We have grown cress! 4
Look! We have grown cress! 5
Look! We have grown cress! 6
Look! We have grown cress! 7

Do you have what it takes to be an Eco Warrior?


Miss Smith is current recruiting new members to join Eco Warriors. Are you passionate about looking after our school and planet? Then Eco Warriors could be for you! We are looking for children from each year group to help make our school and world a greener, better place. 


Stay tuned to see who our new team is and our plans for upcoming projects! 


St Luke’s Eco Code

At St Luke’s we follow our eco code:

Reduce using cars and walk to school

Turn off the taps to save water

Lights out when not in use

Use less paper so we can save trees

Keep our school clean and green

Ensure you reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Don't litter!

Save our school by following the code!


If you have any ideas about how to support our School to stay green, or want to know how you can help, speak to your class Eco Warriors!

Picking our Potatoes!

Our potatoes have finally grown! The Eco-Warriors plus some helpers mucked in to dig them out. They were not as good as last year, however we have all decided to cook them next week along with mint and a side of salad that has grown in our planters.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Happy Faces and Sad Facessmileywink

We spotted a carrot that had a lot of greenery at the top and asked Conal to pull it out. We were so excited was tiny! Look at his face! On the other hand, Emmanuel was eager to eat his strawberry! He said it was 'really juicy'.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Flourishing Treats!

With all the rain over the last few days, our planters have overgrown with the things we planted! Look at our planters!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Growing area improvements

Over the last few weeks the Eco-Warriors have taken down the recycled greenhouse as it wasn't in much use, and instead we recycled the parts. The plastic bottles were sent away to the recycling centre, and the wood used to make the frame was re-used to make planters in our growing area. 


The Eco-Warriors have done an amazing job along with Miss Dosanjh to section off the ground, and we are now happy with the end result. It is ready for September 2016 when we arrive back to school after our long break!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 22nd April 2016 - Food Fair

In preparation for our food fair as part of 'Food for Life', the Eco Warriors helped with making bracelets and painting plant pots to sell sunflower seeds. A few were given to each class to sell and by the end of the afternoon they were all sold! The money raised will go back into the school to buy things like compost, seeds, equipment, etc.

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Outdoor growing area

We have recently got 2 compost bins which we are adding to regularly to make our own compost.

With the help of Mrs O'Donovan we have made a new herb planter which we will add a variety of different herbs too.

We have also started sectioning off our growing plot by collecting natural resources and making borders with these.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Recycling plastic bottles

The Eco-Warriors came up with a great idea to recycle plastic bottles. They cut off the bottoms and put them together in a flower shape to plant flowers. They used the tops of the bottoms as mini green houses to germinate the seeds and create warmth.

Picture 1
Picture 2

One of our first meetings this year (2016) highlighted the Eco Warriors wanting to create products from recycled containers. We collected the milk bottles from Reception and began to cut off the bottoms, turn them upside down and fill them with soil ready for planting!


In these milk bottles, we have now planted peppers, flowers, and black beans. Once these have grown we will plant them outside.

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Picture 3

Eco Schools visit

We are pleased to announce that early December 2015, an eco-assessor visited St. Lukes to view some of the work that had been carried out over the past few years in order to renew the green flag as part of Eco Schools.


There was an assembly that morning to highlight our visitor's arrival, and the school as a whole decided to litter pick as the final task to achieving the flag. The playgrounds were spotless!


She was pleased and overwhelmed at the ethos, determination and responsibility the children had taken hold of and renewed our flag! 


We will be working on things such as conserving natural rain water and changing the conservation area in order to make it more accessible for outdoor learning and exploring.


Eco-Warriors are changed mostly every term to allow others to participate as it has become increasingly popular! 

Leaf Compost Challenge!

With the children now back to school, I (Miss Dosanjh) have given the children a challenge to create leaf compost. With all the leaves on the field now it is Autumn, what better way to experiment with them and see if we can make our own soil!


The children began with raking leaves and filled 6 or 7 big black bags! These were then carried across to the conservation area and left behind trees to decompose. Some of the year 4 children helping, worked out in 6 months time it will be May and this is when we should be seeing the start or part of our very own soil! 


With the recent storms, a large, strong waterproof industrial bag had hooked itself onto the fence in the conservation area. Rather then throwing this away, we emptied our leaves into this bag which was much better.


Recently we have checked the compost and it has reduced since October!


Keep checking our page for updates!

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Summer 2015 achievements

By the end of summer last year the Eco Warriors achieved many things!


  • grow and harvest potatoes, strawberries and green beans
  • cooked potatoes into potato salad for the whole school
  • planted flowers into tyres to attract wildlife
  • planted carrots into tyres too
  • Mr Naidoo cleared the conservation area floor making it safer for classes to visit for outdoor learning
  • a donated hedgehog house was put into the conservation area
  • carried out a litter pick in the conservation area
Picture 1 donated hedgehouse house
Picture 2 green beans