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For now, we would like children to focus on reading and spellings for their homework. Should you wish to, I have added some tasks in your Busy Things favourites which link to our current topics. Spelling Shed will be updated weekly with pupils current spellings. 

What else can I do?

If you would like to do any additional work with your child but do not know how to support current learning I would recommend focusing on the following areas. 


  • Count forward and backwards from any given number between 0-100. 
  • 2s, 5s and 10 timestables. Including in a mixed up order i.e 2 x 8 =     10 x 3 =
  • Counting forwards and backwards in 10s from any given number below 100. 
  • Write numbers to 100 in words. 
  • Compare and order numbers up to 100 using symbols (<,> and =)
  • Explore different habitats across the world, including the plants and animals which live there. 
  • Labelling the continents and oceans of the world. 
  • Exploring different climates of the world and how the equator impacts on this. 
  • Writing letters. 
  • Accurately using question marks and exclamation marks. 
  • Spelling of trickier contracted words such as ‘we’ve’, ‘they’ll’, ’they’ve’.


Useful Resources