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Who's Who

Head Teacher - Mr P. Galvin


Deputy Head Teacher & SENCO

Mrs A. Benson 


Reception Teaching Staff

Mr A. Gilford (EYFS & ICT Co-ordinator) 


Year One Teaching Staff

Mrs N. Greer (DT, Art, Music Co-ordinator) Mon-Wed

Mrs R. Barrett (Music) Thurs-Fri


Year Two Teaching Staff

Miss S. Dosanjh (KS1 & Maths Co-ordinator, ECO)


Year Three Teaching Staff

Miss C. Smith (PE Sports and Clubs Co-ordinator)


Year Four Teaching Staff

Mrs H. Padam (KS2 & English Co-ordinator) Mon-Wed

Mrs A. Benson Thurs-Fri


Year Five Teaching Staff

Miss H. Redden (Science & Sports Clubs Co-ordinator)


Year Six Teaching Staff:

Mr C. Alford (MFL, History and Geography Co-ordinator) Mon-Wed

Mrs J. Mitchell (PSHE & Food for Life Co-ordinator) Thurs-Fri


PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs T. Johri





Office Staff

Mrs E. Lynch

Mrs L. Stainsby


Premises Staff

Mr S. Naidoo (Premises Officer)

Mrs A. Tovey

Mrs R. Yeo


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs E. O'Neill

Mrs S. Drewitt

Mrs S. Dyal

Miss K. Hutchinson

Mrs D. Langton

Mrs N. Nanuwa

Mrs J. Payne

Mrs K. Stevenson

Mrs J. Tyler 

Mrs D. Odedra





Mrs S. Knifton

Mrs A. Tovey

Mrs R. Kaur Bhatti