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Vision, Values and Aims

The School Council presented the new vision, values and aims.

Our vision is founded on St Luke’s parable of the Sower, where,

Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where roots grow and seeds flourish. Luke 8:4-15


Our aims as a school are that we will give children fulfilling learning opportunities, we will nurture social, emotional and moral well-being and we serve our Church, our village and our community.


To fulfil these aims, as a whole school community, we strive to show our values of:

Kindness – we will show consideration and try to do the right thing for others

Thankfulness – we will appreciate what God has given us and what others do for us

Forgiveness – we will not hurt back if we have been hurt

Aspiration – we will aim to be the best we can be

Perseverance – we will not give up when things are difficult

The Christian Values we teach through our Collective Worship are:


Cycle A   Cycle B   Cycle C
Autumn 1 Thankfulness   Autumn 1 Respect / Reverence   Autumn 1 Trust
Autumn 2 Perseverance   Autumn 2 Friendship   Autumn 2 Creativity
Spring 1 Compassion   Spring 1 Peace   Spring 1 Humility
Spring 2 Love   Spring 2 Hope   Spring 2 Wisdom
Summer 1 Forgiveness   Summer 1 Truthfulness   Summer 1 Service
Summer 2 Justice   Summer 2 Courage   Summer 2 Responsibility