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Our Physical Activity Vision Statement:
Our aim at St. Luke’s School is to raise the excellence and enjoyment of Physical activities throughout the whole school through high quality teaching and learning via a range of strategies. We see physical development as a key factor in improving every child’s emotional wellbeing by developing independence, respect, team work, resilience, persistence and creativity through sporting opportunities. We aim to provide inspiring and instructive lessons during the school day, activities that are fun and stimulating during break times as well as competitive opportunities for children who thrive in challenging situations, in order to motivate all children to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.


Extra Curricular Sport at St. Luke’s are detailed below.
Our sports club are run by teachers and outside companies.

For any extra details including cost, please contact the school office.


These are clubs which are taking part this term.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Before School

Judo          Gymnastics      Musical Theatre Hot Shots (Basketball)                         
After School Dance Football

Cross Country



Below is some more information about each of the clubs.

  • Judo

Judo clubs take place on a Monday before school (for both boys and girls) and is an excellent opportunity for children to develop self-confidence, co-ordination , strength and suppleness. Similar in style to wrestling, it involves no punching or kicking and is run by Adam Welford, a British Judo Association coach, who can provide a kit for your child to borrow at sessions free of charge. The children will learn many skills which are transferable to other sports such as agility and, balance and co-ordination. Competitions against each other take place throughout the year with medals awarded and a weekly award is given out in assembly. This is available for children in Years 2-5.

  • Dance

This club in run by Premier Sports. This is just about the coolest thing you can do for your kids. They'll get the moves and gain confidence to express themselves in the style they see and love in music videos and movies. 

Your kids will learn about things like:

  • Locking – that distinctive way of ‘freezing’ between moves

  • Popping – the jerky moves. Think Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

  • Breaking – you know about Break Dancing!

  • Krumping – straight out of LA, sharp and very stylish!

They get started and get moving with a warm up session. It’s a great way to break the ice and lose any inhibitions. After learning some basic footwork they develop sequences of moves. They’re soon putting together a continuous dance. This is a high energy, and really productive, activity. By the time the class is over they’ll all have grasped some basic choreography. Best of all? They’re stepping up in confidence and fitness while they do the steps that make them feel cool. They’re learning about teamwork while working the moves like they were in a video? Children attending these activities can also work towards their Arts Award. This is available for children in Year 1-6.

  • Gymnastics

Gym Club is run by Premier Sports. It is an opportunity for children of all ages to learn new skills and put these towards Gym qualifications. As well as learning plenty of social skills, getting physically active and having great fun with friends, your child will also learn the key attributes to develop and sometimes excel in the sport.

Your child will learn the following key sporting skills:

  • Rolling
  • Jumping
  • Swinging
  • Balancing
  • Changing speed
  • Direction
  • Shape
  • Working alone/with a partner
  • Sequences
  • Performing
  • Using floor and apparatus

The club takes place on Tuesdays before school (8.00-8.45) in the school hall. Children from Years 1 - 6 are able to take part.

  • Musical Theatre

This club is run by Premier Sports. Premier Performing Arts musical theatre course combines a mixture of dance, drama and music to create the perfect performance.

This club takes place Wednesday mornings (8:00-8:45). Children from years 1-6 are able to take part.

  • Football 

Football club is run by ProActive Academy on Tuesday's after school. It is for year groups 1 -6. Children have the ability to learn a range of football skills as well as competing in mini competitions and games. The club is often outdoors so make sure you bring warm kit!

  • Multi-sports

This is a club run by ProActive Academy on Wednesdays after school. Multi-sports is a club where you can learn the skills for a range of sports, be active and have fun. The coaches from ProActice Academy are great at encouraging children to have a go and try something new and enthusiasm and effort are always praised. This club is available for both girls and boys in Years 1-6.

  • Cross Country

UKA Award winning coach Wayne Walker takes this club. Wayne has recently been awarded the England Athletics East Midlands regional award for his work and the Oadby and Wigston award as top sports coach across all sports in 2016.

He has been the County Cross country team manager for 30 years and has led the OWLS Athletics Club to an amazing 21 successive County senior titles. More recently (2016) he has taken a local primary school to 3rd best in the world at a 5k relay competition. He has coached around 20 internationals in athletics and duathlon and currently coaches special needs athletes who are in the top 30 in the Worlds rankings.

Wayne hopes to build on the great interest the school has in running. The sessions will include skills, relays, fitness, running technique and games and will be tremendous fun! The key issues are to gain an enjoyment of movement, mastery over the events pupils choose to do, and the development of a team ethos and friendships. Competition will be available for those who want it. The course is open to ALL abilities for Years 3-6. Please bring appropriate kit for outdoors. 

  • Hot Shots (Basketball)

Hotshots Basketball, takes place on a Thursday before school. This involves a number of games that develop basketball skills and teamwork. Children learn to encourage each other as well as move around the court safely, making the most use of court space, they develop their passing skills and of course practise their shooting. Extra competitions are available through Hotshots and details are given about these through the school club. Awards for the “star player” are given out weekly and also a termly award is also given. This club is available for both girls and boys in Years 2-5.