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Sports Ambassadors

This years St Luke's Sport Ambassadors are  Harrison, Vyom, Aun and Thomas. We are a team of four Sports Ambassadors. We have completed training to help us to introduce new sports such as ‘Sitting Down Volleyball’ and 'Scarecrow Tag' to allow all of the children at St Luke's to be able to have fun and enjoy taking part in physical exercise. We are looking forward to organising and running our first ever tournaments with some of the KS1 children at the school!


Our role throughout the school is to promote sports participation and to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. We do this by promoting the clubs we take part in outside of school and by talking to the children about how to be healthy and active in and outside of school. We also help to organise and lead sporting events. This year we plan to support KS1 children to develop their sporting skills at lunchtimes. We will organise activities for the children to part in and our aim is to get all children involved in them. We are all passionate about sport, enthusiastic and keen to help promote sports participation at St Luke's School!