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School Closure Activities

This page contains information about tasks and activities you can complete with your child whilst we are closed. It will be updated every Monday with tasks and activities set for the week. Your child will have an exercise book in which they can complete some activities and relevant login details for some online resources.

All tasks set will be aimed at consolidating your child’s knowledge and skills at an age appropriate level. Some will be short projects including researching information about upcoming topics. Please see our page for information about our curriculum across all subjects.

The well-being of our children, families and staff is our main concern. With this in mind, to make teacher workload manageable, we will not mark work which has been set. We encourage all parents to support children with completing these activities.


Each week, there will be:

· English tasks (reading/writing/grammar/spelling)

· Daily writing activity, e.g. diary

· Maths tasks

· Topic / project lasting 2 weeks


If your child is returning to school, please watch this video with them from the NHS

Travel Activities for you and your child to try!


If you are locked down and you want to travel or you are just bored and want something to do, here are some activities. These were made for the teachers at school but I have adapted them for children (with parents) at home.

Travel Project

These PDFs have been converted from PowerPoints. The videos will not work but there are lots of pictures to see. DO NOT PRINT THEM - just look at them!

TT Rock Stars News

Week beginning 20 April

Easter Holiday Update

Week beginning 30 March

Year 6 Online Work


This is a very difficult time for us all. However, children need the best structured routine which we can give them so we have listed below a range of activities so they can follow the outline of the day at school which they are used to.



Project work last two weeks. Everybody in school is doing the same project which should make it easier where there are several children in the same household. There is a project outline which gives lots of ideas - don't try to do all of them - just select which ideas will fit with your family. You should be able to find out quite a lot during that time. Some of the activities have more specific instructions if these are helpful.


English and Maths

These will follow the Revision Schedule (green card) which you were given last term with English and Maths tasks already set. In addition, there is some 'White Rose Maths' work and Reading and writing tasks which use a Purple Mash book - a new chapter and related tasks will be set day by day over the 2 weeks for that book. 

The answers can be seen the day after - don't bother printing - just view them. We will be looking at your child's Purple Mash work and giving them feedback - this can be seen in the 'Alerts' red bell at the top of the Purple Mash screen.



Start reading a book which has been sitting alone and unread on your shelf - go on - give it a go! Look at the post on 'What We're Reading' and make a comment, telling us all what you are reading at the moment.



Login and win a thousand coins each day on Garage - once a week, have a few goes on Studio.



Go to YouTube and find Joe Wicks videos. Do one of these first thing each day in the morning.

If you have a safe garden space which maintains correct distances and your Wi-Fi allows – you could try doing them outside in suitable weather.



I have set up a Year 6 Class Blog for you all on Purple Mash. You have the login.

Go to Tools 2Blog – click Year 6 Class Blog. We were going to be learning about blogs in Computing. I think we can learn as we go on this. Read the post about 'Tips for posting'. Click on the title of each post, read other people's comments, then click the 'add' to make a comment on each post!

We will use the class blog so you can communicate about your learning.

I want you each to set up a 'diary' blog, which only you and I can see. Log in to Purple Mash and click Shared at top of screen and you will see the Year 6 Class Blog. Load that. Click on Your Own Blog.

You will then see my instructions for doing it. Or you can print the document below.



Within Purple Mash, there is 2Email. Some information about some tasks will be given by email.Also,  your child is able to email about any concerns so we can support him or her. Checking email is a daily task for your child.


Project Easter Help

Just The Beginning worksheets

Instructions for starting your own blog

Tasks Week beginning 23 March 2020

Ideas from Miss Redden to keep active