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Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Education at St Luke’s School is based upon the Diocese of Leicester Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education - ‘Understanding Christianity’ and the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education - ‘Leicestershire Religious Literacy for All’.


The majority of our Acts of Collective Worship are of a wholly Christian nature.


The aim of Religious Education is to:

  • Encourage and assist all pupils to explore, reflect and express their own response to the spiritual and religious approaches to life.
  • Help children to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other religions, beliefs and practices.
  • Develop an understanding and respect of how religious beliefs and values affect ways of living and to develop a more reflective and caring approach to life.
  • Develop tolerance and understanding of other religious beliefs.



Parents may exercise their right, under the Education Reform Act, to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Worship. Please speak to the Head-teacher for further information.


Collective Worship

We provide a caring Christian environment where all members of the community are valued and respected. Collective Worship is at the heart of our school ethos. Our Collective Worship is wholly based on Christian principles from the life and example of Jesus Christ who taught that we should care for all, regardless of creed, race or colour.

Pupils are given the opportunity for reflection. We encourage our children to explore their own beliefs, and to consider spiritual and moral issues. Children will also be encouraged to value and respect the beliefs of other religions. There will be opportunities for children to consider some of the main festivals celebrated by a range of religions.


Christian Values

As a Church of England School we believe that Christian values should be central to all we do. A set of Christian values, personal to our school are worked on throughout our school year in Collective Worship, RE and PSHE.