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Year 4 proudly shared their Robin narrative stories with children in Year 2.

Year 4's recycled musical instrument making, finished off with an accompaniment to the Harvest Samba!

Anglo Saxon shield making fun!


In memory of our Queen

Year four have been reflecting about our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. The children have looked at various events during the Queen’s life and her magnificent reign. As a sign of respect during this period of National Mourning, the children have had some time to create meaningful prayers combined with a gifted painting of Paddington Bear taking care of the Queen’s Corgis. We have carefully discussed how this keepsake can be used at home, hung on a window or door.


In memory of our Queen

12.9.22 Hinduism - We've been exploring how Hindus practice their faith. Today the children explored the items on a Puju Tray!

Science fun!!

During Golden Time, the children made cup telephones to explore how sound can travel.