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We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break! We're very excited to start the first of our Spring terms, lots of exciting learning coming our way!

Happy New Year!

Our Narnia Wardrobes!

Happy Diwali!

It was good seeing Mrs Johri again! She did a special assembly telling us all about how Hindus celebrate Diwali and then she reminded us about the story of Rama and Sita. Max and Mrs Odedra made a fabulous Rangoli pattern outside out classroom door.

Finding the location!

Giving the longitude and latitude for countries and knowing the hemisphere they are in.

Drawing life-size bodies and naming body parts in Science

Decorating Cakes with a Secret Formula

The children designed and developed their own formula and followed their own clear instructions to create it! Instead of adding it to sweets, like Roald Dahl's Witches, we added used it to decorate biscuits. 

Preparing to write a description of The Grand High Witch from Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'

Using latitude and longitude to identify the continent at those coordinates

Recognising whether somebody's beliefs are theist, atheist or agnostic