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Meet the Governors



All school have Governing Bodies. The governors are responsible for the policies and running of the school, with its day to day organisation and administration being delegated to the Head Teacher. There are opportunities for governors to undertake training to support their responsibilities in their role.


The Governing Body works in three main areas:

  • Strategic Planning - Working with the staff, the Governing Body engages in long term planning that ensures the school maintains its ethos and promotes actions that assist its long term successful development.
  • Acting as a 'Critical Friend' - The Governing Body monitors and evaluates the work of the school and asks challenging questions if it has any concerns. It also celebrates the school's successes and supports the children and staff in the school.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation - Being accountable for ensuring good quality education in the school the Governing Body notes improvements identified through the staff's substantial monitoring and evaluation work and feeds this information into its strategic planning.


Individual governors do not have any power but the Body acts collectively once decisions are made. Governors are elected from different parts of the community and share a common interest in the education and development of children in their school. They are not paid for their work but give up their time because they want to support the children and the school.  

Who are school Governors?

The governors are drawn from different parts of the school community which ensures that a sufficient diversity of views and experience is represented:

- Parent governors are selected by election and are drawn from parents and carers of pupils at the school.

- Staff governors are selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school.

- Foundation governors are appointed by the Diocesan Education Board

- Co-opted governors are appointed by the local governing body

- Local governors are appointed by the local governing body


Our School Governors are:                            





Expiry of Term of Office

Mr Paul Galvin

(Head Teacher)




While in post

Mrs Anne Sawford (Chair)

Foundation Governor

4 years


Mr Jeff Lickess


Foundation Governor

4 years


Mrs Hannah Steggles

Parent Governor

4 years


Mr Onkar Korotana

Parent Governor

4 years


Mr Andrew Gilford


4 years


Mrs Hanna Padam

Staff Governor

4 Years


Mr Paul Wenman


4 years

Rev Tom Devas Incumbent    

Mrs Janet Jones

Clerk to the Governing Body




Governors who have stepped down in the previous 12 months

Rev Rob Miles December 2018


Local Governing Body Attendance Record

What do the school Governors do?

Governors have a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. This includes setting targets for pupils achievement, managing the school’s finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, the learning environment is safe, appointing staff and reviewing staff performance and pay and many more. There are three sub-committees of the governing body which facilitate its work and they are:

If you would like to speak to a Governor, understand more about the Governing Body, or are interested in becoming a Governor yourself then please contact the Chair of Governors (Anne Sawford) by leaving a message in the School Office.