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We recommend listening to your child read at least 3 times per week as well as your child listening to books read by others. Your child needs to read their book given from school 2-3 times. This will allow children to develop fluency, recognise unfamiliar words and begin answering questions too. Please date and sign the diary each time you have heard them read, even if it is only 1 page. If your child has read 3 or more times by Friday, they will receive 1 house point. We understand that your child may find the books they are reading easy, however they need exposure to all sounds that will be taught in Year 1 before being given lengthier/harder books as these books are significantly harder and we want to maintain your child's confidence in reading. 


  • PE

PE is every Wednesday and Thursday. Your child must come to school in their PE kit. Please make sure all jewellery is removed and hair is tied back. We can't provide tape to cover earrings.



Spelling quiz will take place every Tuesday. Your child will be given their spellings in their spelling book. They can practise on spelling shed as well as on paper at home. Please help your child to practise their spellings in a random order. Please ensure your child brings their spelling books on Tuesday so the next spellings can be given out by Thursday.  



Year 1 will visit the library every Monday. These books are books which you can read to your child. Your child will be able to choose 1 book to take home and return the following week. If your child does not return their book, they will be unable to choose a new book.


  • Please ensure your child brings a book bag into school. Our classrooms have limited space and rucksacks/backpacks can lead to trips and falls. Children have their own labelled draw which is a perfect size for a book bag.