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Children are helped to develop the communication skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing for a variety of purposes, using specific, structured activities.

Shared, guided and individual reading strategies are used to develop the acquisition of reading skills and the enjoyment of books is promoted throughout the school. The school has a well-resourced library which is available to all pupils. Younger children experience a wide variety of pre-reading activities, alongside an introduction to books of all types. Children are encouraged to read widely and parents are encouraged to assist with the child’s reading. Class teachers will be glad to help and advise on how to do this. Information booklets are given to the parents of both Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils.

In school, we follow the Letters and Sounds approach to phonic and word-buildings skills. This leads into the statutory lists and skills which are taught in differentiated groups within KS2.

Children are also taught reference and research skills. Children develop their expertise in the area of speaking and listening in a variety of ways.

There is a focus on grammar, punctuation, developing word power and spelling.

The support of parents in helping children develop their love of written and spoken language is very much valued by the school.