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Visions and Values

This is a voluntary controlled school proud of its links with St Luke’s Church. The school has a strong Christian ethos that is reflected in the worship, curriculum and the character of the school.


Mission Statement

“Celebrate, to grow, to improve, to care, to aim high, to achieve together.”


Our Vision

  • To create a welcoming atmosphere in which the contributions of all pupils, parents, staff, governors and community are valued within a Christian context
  • To achieve the highest standards possible across the curriculum
  • To help children to enjoy and achieve through a broad, balanced,relevant curriculum, with clear expectations and attainable targets enabling all children to reach their full potential
  • To help children to develop healthy life-styles and make positive choices
  • To create a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment
  • To celebrate individual and collective achievement
  • To develop self respect and a responsible, positive outlook
  • To develop respect, tolerance and understanding of values, attitudes, beliefs, cultural, and spiritual and religious practices in our multicultural society
  • To foster respect for our school, the local community and the wider world
  • To encourage children to make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being



Christian Values


Cycle A   Cycle B   Cycle C
Autumn 1 Thankfulness   Autumn 1 Respect / Reverence   Autumn 1 Trust
Autumn 2 Perseverance   Autumn 2 Friendship   Autumn 2 Creativity
Spring 1 Compassion   Spring 1 Peace   Spring 1 Humility
Spring 2 Love   Spring 2 Hope   Spring 2 Wisdom
Summer 1 Forgiveness   Summer 1 Truthfulness   Summer 1 Service
Summer 2 Justice   Summer 2 Courage   Summer 2 Responsibility