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Our Physical Activity Vision Statement:
Our aim at St. Luke’s School is to raise the excellence and enjoyment of Physical activities throughout the whole school through high quality teaching and learning via a range of strategies. We see physical development as a key factor in improving every child’s emotional wellbeing by developing independence, respect, team work, resilience, persistence and creativity through sporting opportunities. We aim to provide inspiring and instructive lessons during the school day, activities that are fun and stimulating during break times as well as competitive opportunities for children who thrive in challenging situations, in order to motivate all children to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.


Extra Curricular Sport at St. Luke’s are detailed below.
For any extra details including cost, please contact the school office or look for more details on the Clubs noticeboard in the Key Stage 2 play ground.  Sports Funding Expenditure information can be found under the ‘School’ heading of the main menu above, in the ‘Documents’ section.





Judo clubs take place on a Monday before school (for both boys and girls) and is an excellent opportunity for children to develop self-confidence, co-ordination , strength and suppleness. Similar in style to wrestling, it involves no punching or kicking and is run by Adam Welford, a British Judo Association coach, who can provide a kit for your child to borrow at sessions free of charge. The children will learn many skills which are transferable to other sports such as agility and, balance and co-ordination. Competitions against each other take place throughout the year with medals awarded and a weekly award is given out in assembly. This is available for children in Years 2-5.





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Gym Club is a new club to St. Luke’s and is run by Premier Sports. It is an opportunity for children of all ages to learn new skills and put these towards Gym qualifications. The club takes place on Mondays after school (3:30-4:30) in the school hall. 


Its Current Run time is 

Monday 20th Feb- 3rd April

Cost £28

We are pleased to announce a new club starting at St Luke's - Box Fit. This is a brand new, non contact club which combines speed, agility, fitness and technique in a fun environment. 


Its current run time is

Tuesday 28th February - 7th April

from 8.00 - 8.45am 

Price £18


Football club is run by ProActive Academy on Tuesday's after school. It is for year groups 2, 3, 4 and 5. Children have the ability to learn a range of football skills as well as competing in mini competitions and games. The club is often outdoors so make sure you bring warm kit! 


Current running time 

Tuesday 28th Feb-28th March 

£3 per session. 

Cross Country

Mr Richards has kindly taken on the running of this club after all the success of last year! This club is an opportunity to increase your stamina and work and develop your fitness in a fun, competitive manner. This club prepares children for the local competitions. There is no charge for this club it runs on a Wednesday after school for Years 3-5. Please bring appropriate kit for outdoors. 

Multisports after school club. 

Multisports club runs on a Wednesday after school in the hall. It is open to Year 1-5. Children have the ability to learn a range of skills as well as taking parts in lots of fun games. Activities range from ball skills, to athletics and dodgeball! Multisports is lots of fun and a chance to try lots of new skills. 


The current running time is

Wednesday 1st March - 28th March

It is £3 per session. 


Hotshots Basketball, takes place on a Thursday before school. This involves a number of games that develop basketball skills and teamwork. Children learn to encourage each other as well as move around the court safely, making the most use of court space, they develop their passing skills and of course practise their shooting. Extra competitions are available through Hotshots and details are given about these through the school club. Awards for the “star player” are given out weekly and also a termly award is also given. This club is available for both girls and boys in Years 2-5.

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Multisports Breakfast Club

We know that often people are busy after school, we also know that multisports is a very popular club. Therefore we will also be running a Multisports breakfast club! It runs on a Friday before school from 8am - 8.45am. It is open to Year 1-5. Children have the ability to learn a range of skills as well as taking parts in lots of fun games. Activities range from ball skills, to athletics and dodgeball! Multisports is lots of fun and a chance to try lots of new skills. 


Its current running time is Friday 3rd March - 31st March

It costs £3 per session. 

Dance Club

Dance club is held in the school hall every Friday from 3.30-4.30pm. It it available for Years 1-5. Children have the opportunity to learn a dance routine to popular songs with a trained dance coach. They also have opportunities to show off their moves during freestyle activities! 


Current run time Friday 3rd March - 31st March

£3 per session.