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Junior Road Safety Officers

Hello! Welcome to your JRSO web page! (That stands for Junior Road Safety Officers!)

We are all in Year 5 and we help everyone to be safe on the roads around our school. We have assemblies every term to update you on what our themes are. Our theme this term is School Gate Parking.


The neighbours around our school do not like people to park outside the school gates, or in front of their houses.

We all went to the County Council Chambers for a presentation evening, where we learnt lots of fascinating information about road safety. We also carried out a speed patrol, on a very busy road; the speed that some cars went was so scary, and could have easily killed somebody.

Do you know how to: Cross the road properly? Travel to school safely? Please tell your parents to be considerate when driving to and from school.

We can give advice to people who don’t know much about road safety. Please come to us with ideas or questions. Please check out our notice board in the corridor, the hall and the school website for regular updates.